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‘Unit 44 #2:’ Comic Book Review

In the latest issue of Unit 44 from Alterna Comics, writer Wes Locher and artist Eduardo Jimenez continue the adorably hysterical sci-fi story of Area 51 employees Agent Gibson and Agent Hatch.  As continued from the previous issue, Gibson and Hatch are scrambling to find the highly classified government secrets that have fallen into the wrong hands . . . after they forgot to pay the rent on Area 51’s off-site storage unit.  Tasked by their superior to find a missing Freedahken Crystal – which could bring untold dangers upon the human race if used improperly (or perhaps simply a clingy alien who loves french fries and Howdy Doody) – the agents must learn the history of the crystal and return it to safety before it’s too late!

In Issue #2 of the four-part series, Locher maintains the slapstick-style comedy of buddy agents Gibson and Hatch, which easily keeps the pace of the comic moving and this reader chuckling incessantly.  In addition, we meet the agents’ superior, Senior Agent Ballard, whose fantastic, deadpan delivery reminds me fondly of The X-Files‘ A.D. Skinner.  The reader is also introduced to several new characters – namely the baddies who are both in possession of the Freedahken Crystal and intending to eliminate the Freedahken alien race – as well as to the backstory that led to Area 51’s involvement with the crystal. 

Jimenez’s art continues to shine, fashioning the agents and their world in the most wonderfully cartoonish way.  The humor and style could easily lend itself to an animated series, and I can only hope that the creators will see such success with Unit 44 as it finds its audience and transitions to various adaptations of media.

I would highly recommend that readers pick up Issue #2 of Unit 44, which is now available digitally through ComiXology!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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