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‘Paragon #3:’ Comic Book Review

In Paragon #3, readers continue the story of Ben, a young man who originally lived in a dimension free of poverty, sickness, and general unhappiness but was pulled into an alternate world of crime, disease, and misery when his father passed away.  In this latest issue, Ben struggles to form a relationship with his alternate reality father, while finding his own place and purpose in the new society that is in desperate need of a hero.  By turning to his own savior, a shelter worker who cared for him during his initial arrival in the dimension, he finds a renewed strength to fight the injustices that plague his new home.

Issue #3 stands out as the most action-heavy comic of the series thus far, with several splash pages depicting young Ben taking on a slew of gang members in an effort to rid the city of violence and crime.  Similar to Issue #2, the latest story by writer Paul Jamison tackles a number of hot-button issues quite directly, focusing here on the danger that guns pose to our society.  In addition, we continue to follow Ben’s rationale and perspective as he sets out to make his current world more in the image of his own.  What is intriguing to me is that Ben felt like an outcast in his own dimension, having been the only individual to know pain and loss when he lost his father.  Given his new surroundings, what drives Ben to make his current dimension more like the one where he felt so alone?  I very much hope that this topic will be tackled in further issues. 

Artist Gilbert Dudley continues to hone his craft with Issue #3, showing especially skillful ability with the characters’ faces and the aforementioned splash pages.  Colorist Diana Deissler adds great depth to both the cover and the interior pages, providing great shading and setting the tone of the issue in perfect line with the contemplative storyline.

Overall, Paragon continues to provide an interesting narrative and perspective on social topics, and I am curious to know what Ben has in mind as he continues to better his new home world.  Be sure to stay tuned to Superhero Network Comics for more issues!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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