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‘Creepy Scarlett: Double Feature’ – Comic Book Review

Over the past several years, indie comic book creator Graeme Buchan has been the driving force behind Creepy Scarlett, detailing the adventures of the series’ candy-obsessed dead girl (and her trusty companion Mr. Ted – who happens to be a teddy bear) who lives in a graveyard and can only leave it during Halloween.  Having already released four single issues of the series, as well as a collected trade in the form of Book One, Buchan has dutifully laid the foundation for Scarlett, as she discovered her own mysterious past and battled a host of villainous characters.  Now, the creator and writer has a second volume in his sights and recently released a Creepy Scarlett double feature comic book that takes the focus away from the cemetery-dwelling heroine and shines it on her opposing villains and how they came to be.

The double feature comic features two stories – “Pumpkinface Origins” and “The Seal of Solomon” – each of which serves as a standalone story that will appeal to new readers who may be unfamiliar with Creepy Scarlett.  The first story offers a dark and gritty look at Pumpkinface, the serial killer who has been tasked with capturing Scarlett in the previous comics.  With an ’80s slasher movie feel to it, the spinoff story boasts stunning artwork by Antonio Brandao and equally haunting colors by Chi Bunii, both of which infuse the story with the scare-inducing tone that is complemented by the story’s twist ending.  As an interesting companion piece, “The Seal of Solomon” has much more of a noirish feel to it, setting the story in 1920s New York as the discovery of the mythical Seal of Solomon ring sparks a race to control its powers. Fans of the previous comics will be excited to see returning villains Trixie Von and Vincent Priest, while also being introduced to new characters (and a few other surprises).  Like “Pumpkinface Origins,” “The Seal of Solomon” capably captures the look of the roaring twenties through its artwork by Mohammad Ramlan and its gorgeous colors by Sean Burres and Chi Bunni. 

While the standalone double feature comic will give returning readers a respite from the Creepy Scarlett canon, it also offers new readers a great jumping-on point just in time for Book Two.  Buchan recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the second volume, intending to add 2 to 3 new comics to Scarlett’s storyline.  For new readers interested in giving the series a try, be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign, which offers all of Book One to readers for FREE during the duration of the campaign.  Then, be sure to check out the Creepy Scarlett double feature, and be prepared for more kickass adventures of the candy-obsessed dead girl.

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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