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‘Unit 44 #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Last summer, indie comic book creators Wes Locher and Eduardo Jimenez took to Kickstarter to fund the first of their four-issue comic book mini-series, Unit 44Unit 44, which features Area 51 employees Agent Gibson and Agent Hatch who forget to pay the rent on the facility’s off-site storage unit, causing the super-secret contents to be sold at public auction, is a fun and fast-paced sci-fi comedy (to be published by Alterna Comics this fall) that you would do well to add to your pull list.  

Written and lettered by Locher (The Undoubtables, Chambers) and illustrated and colored by Jimenez, readers will quickly find that Unit 44 is, in many ways, very similar (and for all of the right reasons) to the animated series The Tick.  From the hysterical, buddy-cop duo of the goofy, yet lovable, Agent Gibson and the terse, no-nonsense Agent Hatch to the non-stop, over-the-top hijinks that seem to befall our bumbling protagonists, Unit 44 provides readers with a quick and entertaining read that will leave you laughing and begging for more.  Jimenez’s colorful and cartoonish artwork brings the story and its cast of zany characters to life and allows the most outlandish and ridiculous of situations to be accessible and believable. 

Will Agents Hatch and Gibson find the contents of Unit 44?  Will their loved ones be held accountable for their inability to pay the storage unit dues?  Can we convince Locher and Jimenez to put Hatch in a pair of overalls over his suit again?  Once you read the first issue, the only way to find out is to visit Unit 44‘s new Kickstarter campaign to fund Issues #2-4.  The campaign will soon close on Saturday, August 16th, so be sure to check out the free preview of Issue #1 here, which will undoubtedly convince you to support these talented indie creators in continuing their hysterical journey!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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