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Geeks Care: How You Can Help The Lustgarten Foundation with ‘Burn the Orphanage’

When Fanboy Comics is not providing you with the latest in geek news and entertainment, the FBC staff hopes to offer our readers a myriad of opportunities to give back to the community. We love reading comics, watching movies, and playing video games, but we are never happier than when we are able to help others in need. With Geeks Care: How You Can Help, FBC will provide you a variety of causes that would greatly appreciate your time.

In this week’s edition of Geeks Care: How You Can Help, we would like to turn our attention to Sina Grace, the co-creator (along with Daniel Freedman) and artist of Image Comics’ new comic book series, Burn the Orphanage: Reign of Terror. Grace has teamed up with The Lustgarten Foundation to donate all 20 pages of art from the series’ first issue to support pancreatic cancer research. The series of auctions, titled Compassion vs. Cancer, will go entirely to The Lustgarten Foundation’s efforts in raising awareness for the under-funded and highly-deadly cancer.  Fanboy Comics, having lost a dear friend to pancreatic cancer, wants to join Sina Grace in educating its readers about this important organization and how you can help.

The Lustgarten Foundation’s mission is to advance the scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of pancreatic cancer by: increasing funding and support of research into the biological mechanisms and clinical strategies related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of pancreatic cancer; facilitating and enhancing the dialogue among members of the medical and scientific communities about basic and clinical research efforts that relate to pancreatic cancer; and heightening public awareness of pancreatic cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention and providing informational support for pancreatic cancer patients, their families, and friends. With only a 6% survival rate, pancreatic cancer is a lethal type of cancer that affects an average of one in 68 people.

The auctions all start between $10 and $25, allowing fans of all income brackets a chance to participate. All proceeds from the auctions will go to The Lustgarten Foundation.  To place your bid, please visit to view all of the auctions, which will remain open until May 17th.

To learn more about The Lustgarten Foundation and how 100% of donations go to research, please visit



If you have a volunteer opportunity or an important cause that could use the assistance of a few geeks, please email the details to barbra (at)

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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