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The Kickstarter Report: ‘Radio Zed’

Over the past several years, podcasts, audio dramas, and audio books have become an exciting way for creators and entertainers to reach new audiences through their iPads, iPods, desktops, and smart phones.  Providing a creative outlet that can accommodate those on both a large and small budget, the auditory medium allows for listeners to enjoy new media while on the go while offering creators the chance to tell their stories in a variety of methods.  In today’s edition of The Kickstarter Report, Fanboy Comics has chosen to highlight Joynt Efforts Productions, a small new-media production company dedicated to creating quality, successful narrative podcasts and webisodes focused on geek and pop-culture themes while promoting stories with strong characters–who happen to be women–with the spotlight on women in traditionally male-dominated fields such as science and technology.  Joynt Efforts’ first audio project, Radio Zed, is a storytelling podcast using the old-school styles of early 20th-century radio shows to chronicle the adventures of a group of disparate survivors, drawn together by a mysterious, still broadcasting radio tower in an abandoned compound, high in the Rockies outside Boulder, CO.  The production company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for Radio Zed to raise the necessary funds that would allow for the recording of Season 1, the music rights, web hosting and recording equipment, and the production of a short film set in the Radio Zed world (which will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con).

The creators of Radio Zed and Joynt Efforts Productions are excited to be working with some amazing talent on Episodes 1 and 2, including Craig Anton from MadTV and Phil of the Future and Mouzam Makkar from Chicago Fire and Sirens. In addition, they have a fantastic slate of upcoming talent for episodes three and beyond. The first episode was released on April 18th, 2014, and the creators will be releasing a new podcast every three weeks, ending the season with a special Christmas episode in December 2014.

Be sure to visit Radio Zed‘s Kickstarter page, and don’t forget to check out the backer rewards, which include a shout-out on the show, a reproduction of the show’s storyboards signed by the artist (as seen on the Kickstarter page), and the chance to be a character on the show! The Kickstarter campaign will close on Thursday, May 22, so be sure to donate soon!

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Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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