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Geeks Care: How You Can Help Children International and Blastoff Comics on FCBD

When Fanboy Comics is not providing you with the latest in geek news and entertainment, the FBC staff hopes to offer our readers a myriad of opportunities to give back to the community. We love reading comics, watching movies, and playing video games, but we are never happier than when we are able to help others in need. With Geeks Care: How You Can Help, FBC will provide you a variety of causes that would greatly appreciate your time.

In this Free Comic Book edition of Geeks Care: How You Can Help, Fanboy Comics is excited to share the wonderful work that Blastoff Comics is facilitating in tandem with their FCBD festivities.  (For those unfamiliar with Free Comic Book Day, on the first Saturday in May each year, participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores. This is a great way to bring those who may be unfamiliar with the comic book medium into the fold.)  On May 3, 2014, the North Hollywood-based comic book shop will not only be giving away free comics and having artists [Megan Levens (Madame Frankenstein) and Zack Finfrock (Atomic Robo,, TeeFury)] in the store to do free sketches for guests, but store owners Jud Meyers and Scott Tipton will also be teaming with Children International ( and encouraging their customers to help them sponsor 10 children in 10 nations around the world, providing these children with medical care, proper nutrition, clothes, and education. 

For over 75 years, Children International has been providing critical assistance to children and families struggling in terrible poverty. Through one-to-one child sponsorship program, Children International reduces the burden of poverty on impoverished children, invests in their potential, and provides them with opportunities to grow up healthy, educated, and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

Blastoff Comics stocks both current comics and graphic novels as well as an astonishing collection of vintage comics for sale, providing customers with rarities that they just cannot find anywhere else. What truly makes Blastoff and its owners stand out is their commitment to helping others in need. Throughout the year, a portion of all of their proceeds is donated to charity, with the recipients changing on a monthly basis. On Free Comic Book Day this year, with any donation made toward Blastoff’s sponsorship of Children International, Blastoff will offer its customers half that amount in store credit on their next visit, allowing the store and its customers to become partners in the sponsorship of these children struggling against poverty.

“It’s always been important to us that our company be more than just an entity that sells things,” said Blastoff Comics CEO and co-owner Jud Meyers. “We try to reach out and be of use to our community, and this way we can do so to the global community as well.”

“Free Comic Book Day is so important to our industry, in helping spread the word about the art form I’ve pretty much dedicated my life to,” added Blastoff CCO and co-owner Scott Tipton. “We love giving out comics to the community every year, and now we can team up with the community to give a little something back.”

If you have the opportunity, I would encourage you to stop by Blastoff on Saturday, May 3rd (from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.), meet the incredibly personable store owners, and assist in helping both Children International and local business owners by picking up a few comics. As the Blastoff website says, “Comics can make saving the world look easy.” By shopping at Blastoff, it has never been easier to save the world, one comic book at a time.


If you have a volunteer opportunity or an important cause that could use the assistance of a few geeks, please email the details to barbra (at)


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