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The Kickstarter Report: ‘Get Blank’

Author Justin Robinson, best known for the novels Everyman, Mr. Blank, City of Devils, and Coldheart, cannot and will not stop writing, and, for this, we at Fanboy Comics at immensely grateful.  Robinson will soon be releasing Get Blank, the fast-paced, hitman-filled sequel to the excitingly hilarious conspiracy-noir novel Mr. Blank.  His publisher, Candlemark & Gleam, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to print and release the book, and the FBC staff is thrilled to share this great opportunity to pre-order the book with you.

The synopsis to Get Blank is an enticing and intriguing one, as it is told from the perspective of its main character:

I quit running around, doing the scut work for every conspiracy in the Information Underground, a year ago. Got myself a nice quiet life up the coast, doing normal things with normal people like my girlfriend, Mina.

And then someone framed her for murder.

Now I’m coming out of retirement to figure out who wants her behind bars – and me dead. Again. At least this time I’m pretty sure it’s not aliens. Or the government. Might still be the Russian mob, but at least Bigfoot’s on my side.

I don’t know who to trust, and I don’t know how I’m going to survive this one, especially with an unkillable hitman, some Satanists, and a couple of lunatic movie stars gunning for me. But one thing’s for sure…

I really need a better career plan.

Having reached its initial Kickstarter goal, Get Blank is guaranteed to be printed; however, its additional stretch goals offer the opportunity for backers to receive rewards like a Bag O’ Swag relating to the novel, a PDF of the award-winning, life-changing, problem-solving, fat-burning tract Rosicrusophy and You!, and even the possibility that author Robinson will write a novella that ties into the Blankverse.

Be sure to visit the Get Blank Kickstarter page! The campaign closes on Thursday, May 8th, so be sure to donate soon!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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