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The Kickstarter Report: ‘The Shepherd’

Mystery, mysticism, and adventure fill the pages of the new indie comic book, The Shepherd, a 24-page comic book created by Nathan Sage and Ron Joseph.  The Shepherd tells the tale of a shepherd on a distant planet who must make some tough decisions when she finds a wounded ancient beast on her flock’s grazing grounds.  While Sage and Joseph have spent the last three months building the vast world of The Shepherd, they now need your help to raise the necessary funds to make this comic book a reality!

With gorgeous, hand-painted artwork and a story detailing a textured and varied world filled with diverse creatures and a wealth of civilizations, The Shepherd is sure to be an exciting addition to the arena of independent comic books.  Setting the stage for a high-stakes fantasy adventure, the story’s main character, Astrid, is faced with the question of whether to help a wounded Thanacht – a ferocious beast of legend thought extinct a thousand years ago – which could easily hurt her or her flock. Astrid’s situation becomes even more complicated when a group of poachers show up looking for the beast, led by a hardened hunter obsessed with his search for the Thanacht.

To learn more about The Shepherd, fans can watch a great video interview below.

Be sure to visit the comic book’s Kickstarter page, and don’t forget to check out the backer rewards, which include signed copies of the comic book, special edition t-shirts, and the chance to be included in the story! The Kickstarter campaign will close on Saturday, February 1st, so be sure to donate soon!

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Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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