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The Kickstarter Report: Identity Comics

As a reader of Fanboy Comics, chances are that you are a fan of comic books, movies, video games, and other creative media that are generated by independent creators.  For that reason, I am excited to announce that there is a new indie publisher in town, and they have an exciting, new business model in store for readers that not only includes a long list of talented creators, but the chance for YOU, as the reader, to be involved!  

Identity Comics is an independent comic book publisher, led by Phillip Kelly and Lars Canty, that recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for its very first anthology, Verge.  The series will follow four ongoing stories, and the path of those stories will literally be left up to the audience.  From issue to issue, feedback from the writers, artists, and readers will determine which direction to take a story or if a story should even continue. 

Canty and Kelly are no strangers to the comic book and entertainment industries, with Canty coming to Identity Comics as a former artist and colorist for such companies as Marvel Comics, Malibu Comics, Verotik Comics, and Top Cow, and Kelly pulling from his experience as a professional screenwriter and Artistic Director at a professional LA theatre company.  In addition to the talents of the company’s co-founders, Identity Comics will feature the work of talented creators including David R. Flores (Dead Future King), Gabriel Gault, and Sebastian Kadlecik (Penguins vs. Possums).

To learn more about Identity Comics, fans can watch a great video interview below and be sure to visit the indie publisher on Facebook.

Be sure to visit the Identity Comics Kickstarter page, and don’t forget to check out the backer rewards, which include Identity Comics pins and t-shirts, advertising space within the comic book issues, and creative participation in the development of the comics!  The Kickstarter campaign will close on Saturday, September 14th, so be sure to donate soon!

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Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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