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‘Bloomers: Season 2, Episodes 3-7’ – Online Sitcom Review

Bloomers BW

Bloomers BWThroughout last week, I posted reviews of Bloomers, a new online sitcom that puts a humorous, heartfelt, and modern spin on life in the big city. I greatly enjoyed making my way through Season 1 and the first two episodes of Season 2, and I recently caught up with the remainder of the second season (in advance of Wednesday’s release of Episode 8). Each episode of Season 2 continues to focus more heavily on individual members of the cast; however, Episode 7 sets up quite a few cliffhangers that will leave viewers counting down the hours until Wednesday, June 19th.

In Episodes 3-7 of Season 2, we more closely follow the lives of Francesca (Fernanda Espíndola), as she determines the paternity of her unborn child, Brooke (series creator Matt Palazzolo), as he lands a writing job at a science and wildlife news organization but clashes with his co-workers, and Joanna (Swati Kapila), who is conflicted by her strict Muslim upbringing and her desire to be herself. In addition, we follow sisters Karen (Holly Holstein) and Clarissa (Kristin Barker), as each struggles with their respective romantic entanglements and how those relationships reflect on their sense of identity. The cast and writers of Bloomers must truly be commended, as the characters and storylines are incredibly engrossing, making you feel as though you are watching your own life (and the lives of your friends) unfold before your eyes. The honesty and realism of the issues tackled by writer Palazzolo and directors Tim Russ and Henryk Cymerman provide the actors with rich material to play with and make their own. While many TV sitcoms tackle issues like dating, pursuing a career, and self-identity, Bloomers depicts these issues in a more identifiable manner, as if the characters and their lives are simply real-life stories of actual people. True to form, the end of Episode 7 illustrates that life will, at any moment, deal you unexpected twists and turns, whether they be for better or for worse.

Stay tuned for Bloomers: Season 2, Episode 8, which will premiere on Wednesday, June 19th.  For more information on Bloomers, please visit the official website or find the show on Facebook and Twitter, @Bloomers_series.




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