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‘Bloomers: Season 1’ – Online Sitcom Review



BloomersHave you been longing to fill the void left by Ross, Rachel, Joey, and the rest of the Central Perk gang, but do you find that watching reruns of Friends just doesn’t have the same “bite” to it? Well, look no further! In the new online sitcom Bloomers, seven 20-something friends living in Downtown Los Angeles take on life in the big city, landing the right career, and finding Mr. (or Ms.) right in a gutsy and modern way that will hook viewers and leave them craving more. With a combination of Sex in the City’s sassiness and Husbands’ willingness to take on controversial issues in an honest and open manner, Bloomers is an entertaining look at friends who are still struggling to grow up and find themselves.

Set in a hip underwear (otherwise known as “bloomers”) company in downtown LA, the show follows many of the company’s employees and their friends and relatives. Season 1 of Bloomers features Francesca (Fernanda Espíndola), a confident and put-together young woman from Brazil who is the head designer at the company. Francesca’s world is turned upside-down when she discovers that she is pregnant, but she does not know whether the father is her ex-boyfriend Ryan or the one-night rebound Vaughan (Jay Ali). Francesca is joined by her roommate Brooke (series creator Matt Palazzolo), who is in search of a writing career (and a decent man!). The cast is rounded out by Ross (Nathan Frizzell), the company’s accountant, who pines each day at work for Joanna (Swati Kapila), a strict Muslim woman who assists Francesca (and is herself conflicted about her feelings for Ross). Last, but not least, we have Karen (Holly Holstein), the company’s underwear model with a propensity for inappropriate conversation, outfits, relationships . . . and everything in between, as well as her older sister (and polar opposite) Clarissa (Kristin Barker), who arrives in town with a lot of baggage to unload.

Created and written by Matt Palazzolo, Bloomers is currently in its second season, having released all of its episodes through the show’s official website and on YouTube. Directed by Henryk Cymerman and Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager), each episode comes in at around 12-15 minutes in duration, which allows viewers to both breeze through the episodes and be drawn in by the well-rounded characters and identifiable storylines. In Season 1, Bloomers digs deep into the issues that plague many individuals in their mid to late 20s, including climbing the corporate ladder, braving the dating scene, unplanned pregnancy, struggling with religious and sexual identity, divorce, and searching for what it is that you truly want in life. Having already finished the six episodes of Season 1, I anxiously look forward to watching Season 2 and following the continuing ups and downs of the characters.

Stay tuned, as I will continue to review each episode of Bloomers: Season 2 throughout the remainder of the week!  For more information on Bloomers, please visit the official website or find the show on Facebook and Twitter, @Bloomers_series.




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