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The Kickstarter Report: ‘Coldheart’

ColdwaterFor over a year, the staff of Fanboy Comics has informed its readers about exciting Kickstarter campaigns for projects that are worthy of your hard-earned money.  As supporters of independent creators of all mediums, we love doing our part to spread the word about high quality projects and talented creators.  In fact, for the very first time on the FBC website, today’s edition of “The Kickstarter Report” will focus on a Kickstarter campaign that has already surpassed its fundraising goal; however, the project in question is so good, that we could not resist the opportunity to push the campaign well over its stretch goal!

Author Justin Robinson, best known for the novels Undead on Arrival, Mr. Blank, The Dollmaker, and Nerve Zero, is at it again with his latest book, Coldheart.  The new urban fantasy novella is set in San Francisco, which has been ravaged by a blizzard, while its residents live in fear of a cannibalistic killer stalking the streets and a rash of abductions targeting people seemingly at random.  Throughout this chaos, only one man has the ability to put together the pieces of the mysteries affecting the people of the city.  The catch?  The man must also fight the demons of his own mental illness, unsure if the clues that he is finding are real or figments of his imagination. 

Coldheart, which is the first book in the League of Magi series, will feature the main novella; however, it will also include five short stories containing some of the same characters that are set in the main world.  These short stories will include the following: “Dante Ascending,” where a boy discovers the dangerous secret at the top of an inner city tenement; “Wait,” the story of two soldiers on opposite sides becoming unlikely friends; “The Menagerie,” where a young couple finds an extradimensional zoo; “Dead Drop,” which chronicles the rise and fall of a spy; and, finally, “Stillwater,” where a town is accidentally sent to Hell.

Having reached its initial goal, Coldheart is guaranteed to be printed; however, its $1,500 stretch goal will allow donors (pledging $15 or more) to receive Coldheart stickers, buttons, and bookmarks.  In addition, donors pledging $50 or more will receive a collection of printed postcards from the town of Stillwater, featured in one of the short stories! (Each one has a message from one of the doomed survivors of a town condemned to Hell. Be the envy of all your friends! And, you know, all the folks in Stillwater.) 

Fans can read an excerpt of Coldheart by clicking here

Be sure to visit the Coldheart Kickstarter page, and don’t forget to check out the backer rewards, which include trade paperbacks of the book and official Coldheart scarves, t-shirts, canvas bags, and snow globes!  The campaign closes on Saturday, April 27th, so be sure to donate soon! 



Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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