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Stan Lee Invites You to Visit

Stan Lee CartoonIf asked to name one individual who embodies all of the wonderful things that comic books offer to readers young and old, the answer is clear: Stan Lee.  For over 70 years, Stan “The Man” Lee has made his indelible impact on the world of comics, having been the legendary founder of Marvel Comics, as well as an exuberant spokesperson for its properties.  Refusing to allow 70 plus years in the industry to slow him down, Lee has been quite active as of late through POW! Entertainment, a company that develops, creates, and licenses intellectual property for the entertainment industry, with recent projects including Stan Lee’s World of Heroes and Romeo & Juliet: The War.  Now, in order to bring POW!’s projects more directly to its fans (and, more imporantly, the fans in more direct contact with Stan Lee), POW! Entertainment launched on Monday, February 11th. 

In addition to bringing readers the latest news about POW! Entertainment’s projects, features exclusive, behind-the-scenes celebrity interviews, fan Q&As, trivia contents, and personal video messages from “The Man” himself.  Readers can access the site’s social network (through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) to share their blogs, artwork, and suggestions with other fans, as well as Stan Lee.  In addition, uber fans can find official Stan Lee/POW! Entertainment gear on the site’s official store.

The Real Stan LeeSuper fans will definitely want to stop by to check out The Man’s latest musings, upcoming appearances, and projects!  Excelsior!





Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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