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The Kickstarter Report: ‘Solestar’

Solestar newA few months ago, the Fanboy Comics staff received an online introduction to Siike Donnelly, a comic book creator and writer who survived a brain aneurysm in 2010.  Forced to rebuild his speech patterns and relearn how to walk, Donnelly forged a strong will and a desire to help other brain aneurysm survivors.  With his company, The Naïve Project, Donnelly launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish Solestar, an original graphic novel featuring artwork donated by 60 different artists and educational information regarding brain aneurysms, the proceeds of which will go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

The graphic novel is a superhero story whose protagonist has only 24 hours to live.  According to Donnelly, “I wanted to create a superhero that knew loss right from the start. It’s kind of the staple when creating someone with powers. They have to come from tragedy to obtain victory. This is something I now understand on a personal level. Hopefully, victory follows my tragedy with this project.” 

If successfully funded through Kickstarter, Donnelly and The Naïve Project hope to print 4,000 copies of the graphic novel, using any additional donations to pay for the cost of the backer rewards.  To learn more about the story behind Solestar and the development of the Kickstarter campaign, be sure to check out the below video by Donnelly himself.





Be sure to visit the Solestar Kickstarter page and Facebook page, and don’t forget to check out the backer rewards, which include signed copies of the graphic novel featuring cover art by legendary artist Kevin Eastman and The Simpsons‘ artist Bill Morrison, as well as the opportunity to be drawn into the comic book as the story’s main villain.  These are only a handful of the amazing rewards available and more will be added throughout the campaign.  The campaign closes on Monday, January 14th, so be sure to donate soon!  (For more information regarding the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, please visit




Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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