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Top 10 Reasons Why Scrooged is the Best Holiday Movie of All Time

scrooged 0f6As the Fanboy Comics staff takes time to revel in the goodwill and merriment of the holiday season, I have found that there is no better time than now to celebrate the movie that encompasses the true meaning of Christmas: the 1988 Bill Murray classic, Scrooged.  Here are the top ten reasons that this gem remains number one in our hearts after all of these years:

10.  Whether you currently have a job (you lucky dog, you) or even if you’re hoping that unemployment benefits will be extended, we have all had a boss who rewards our long hours of hard work with free company-emblazoned swag which probably cost about 30¢ to make in a third-world country.  Nothing says “Job well done!” during the holidays like a stress ball shaped like a globe.

9.  Who wouldn’t be inclined to tune in to A Christmas Carol that promises acid rain and drugs?!  Despite the footage of international terrorist warfare (too soon?), I think that we can all agree that the Frank Cross’ promo for IBC’s A Christmas Carol was far superior to Eliot Loudermilk’s feel-good, family trailer.

8.  You can make a drinking game (use eggnog if you’re feeling festive) where you have to drink every time that a Murray brother appears on screen.  

7.  Staples!  Hopefully, none of you had a pet mouse when you were a kid.  

6.  Two words: the cast.  This movie is so packed with fantastic actors (both acclaimed and unknown at the time of the movie), it will make you think that you are watching a Muppet movie minus the Muppets.  Actors including Carol Kane, Miles Davis (No, I am not kidding!), Bobcat Goldthwait, Robert Goulet (RIP), Kathy Kinney, and Paul Shaffer provided memorable performances, guest appearances, and quotable dialogue that will last in infamy. 

5.  1980s humor.  When you were a kid, did you have any idea why Bill Murray told the waiter that he thought was Richard Pryor after throwing water on him?  I didn’t (but found out from my in-the-know older brother).  (See the full story here.)

4.  Continuity. Continuity. Continuity.  Whether you have seen this movie as many times as I have (or if you’re looking to try!), you will find a myriad of goofs and bloops throughout the film.  If you do not already know for which mistakes to look, or if you are looking for more, take a peek at this extensive list.

3.  Seriously.  Charles Dickens would have wanted to see her nipples.

2.  There is a sing-a-long at the end of the movie, and Bill Murray talks to you personally!  (You know that you always thought he was talking directly to you.)  Every great movie ends with the entire cast or at least a montage of the cast singing a song (See: Lost & Found).  

And, the #1 reason that Scrooged is the best holiday movie ever:  it’s got heart.  When it gets right down to it, Bill Murray’s final monologue espousing the true meaning of Christmas makes you wish that the world would keep it in their hearts the whole year through.   No matter how many times you see the movie, you cannot deny that the final scene enlivens in you a desire to be a better person and to give a little more.  Well, it is Christmas once again, Fanboys and Fangirls.  Take a moment to love the ones you’re with and give a little back to those who need it most.

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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