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‘Super Grammar:’ A Book Review


SuperGrammar bookcoverKids today have it all: being a geek is chic and comic books are widely accepted as quality source material for major motion pictures.  As if that were not enough, comic books and comic book characters have made their way into the classroom in growing numbers.  As a shining example, students of all ages will have the opportunity to learn the rules of grammar with the help of fun and colorful superheroes and supervillains straight out of the funny pages in Scholastic’s recently released book, Super Grammar.  With the Super Grammar team as their guide, readers will join the mission to fight the “never-ending battle between good and bad grammar.”

In the past decade, comic books have been making an increasing number of appearances in the classroom, offering a way to engage and educate students, many of whom are already familiar with the sequential art medium.  While high school and college-age students are delving into the likes of Watchmen by Alan Moore and Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughn, children in the primary grades have become just as familiar with comics and their often-present caped crusaders, thereby opening a door for educators to utilize this interest within the context of their lesson plans.  Super Grammar provides a fantastic opportunity for teachers and parents to connect with younger students while relaying valuable lessons for differentiating between good and bad grammar.

The book’s creators, Tony Preciado and Rhode Montijo, have overwhelmingly succeeded in providing a fun and educational platform for learning grammar skills.  By highlighting the major elements of grammar (ie: the subject and predicate, punctuation, etc.) with superhero identities, Preciado and Montijo have created a reference guide that breaks down sentence structure and its components while allowing readers to get to know each of the characters and their “powers.”  In addition, grammar mistakes are labeled as supervillains known as the Sabotage Squad, illustrating the grammar errors and practices that should be avoided.  The personification of each aspect of grammar will provide students with a strong visual aide that will encourage greater understanding of the material rather than pure memorization.  In addition, the reference guide format of the book will prove to be extraordinarily useful for adults who may need to brush up on specific aspects of grammar.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Super Grammar; the book is a joy to read for audiences of all ages, and it never hurts to refresh your grammar skills.  Super Grammar is now available for purchase in paperback form and may be found online with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million.  In addition, the book appears in the October issue of Scholastic’s School Flyer.  For more information regarding Super Grammar, please visit  Additional learning resources are available on the website, and fans may stay up-to-date with the Super Grammar team by following them on Facebook.




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