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Reed Gunther Celebrates the Release of Volume 2 with a Free Issue for Readers

Reed Gunther V2Fans of Shane and Chris Houghton’s all-ages comic book series, Reed Gunther, will be ecstatic to learn that the familial duo recently released their second trade paperback, Reed Gunther Volume 2: Monsters and Mustaches!  Everyone’s favorite loud-mouthed cowboy, Reed Gunther, and his trusty bear Sterling are entangled in more hilarious adventures in this collection of Issues #6-10, which also includes lots of exciting extras like an introduction by Simpsons comic book writer Ian Boothby, Reed Gunther short stories, and fantastic sketches and pin-up art!  And, to commemorate the release of Monsters and Mustaches, the Houghton brothers have a very special treat for readers who may be new on the trail of the bear-riding cowboy.

In order to welcome new readers to the Reed Gunther fold, Shane and Chris Houghton have generously posted Issue #7, “Werewolf Woes,” to their website for all readers to enjoy FOR FREE!  [They are so generous, in fact, that they have even allowed Fanboy Comics to post the issue (below) for our readers to enjoy!]  The self-contained story will allow new readers to jump in and enjoy the silly antics of Reed and Sterling without having to worry about the characters’ previous adventures or a “to be continued” ending.  You are sure to be hooked after reading Issue #7, and more issues of Reed Gunther (including Reed Gunther Volume 1 and Monsters and Mustaches) are available on, ComiXology, and with your local comic book retailers.  

In addition to their efforts with Reed Gunther, Shane and Chris have been hard at work on an upcoming story in the SimpsonsTreehouse of Horror, which will be available later this year, as will their back-up story for an upcoming issue of Adventure Time from BOOM! Studios.  Be sure to visit to stay up-to-date on the Houghton brothers’ body of work and to find lots of Reed Gunther extras!









Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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