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The Kickstarter Report: Pawn Shop

Pawn ShopSuperheroes, monsters, and galaxies far, far away often grace the pages of comic books, but when it gets down to it, comic books are about one thing: people.  So, when comic book creator Joey Esposito decided to create a new graphic novel, he skipped the capes and space ships and went straight to the heart of the funny pages.  After successfully launching his last graphic novel, Footprints, through Kickstarter, he has returned to the crowd-funding forum with the upcoming graphic novel Pawn Shop: Love and Life in NYC.

Pawn Shop is a slice-of-life story that follows four New Yorkers as their lives unknowingly intersect through a Manhattan pawn shop.  Each chapter in the series will follow a different character in their own stand-alone story, while also intertwining with the other characters’ journeys.  With art by Sean Von Gorman (Secret Adventures of Houdini) and lettering by Adam Pruett, the pages display a gorgeous, mixed media canvus of watercolors and digital elements, reflecting the diversity of New York itself.  Given that both Esposito and Von Gorman are native New Yorkers, the stories and characters will undoubtedly capture the ups, downs, drama, and intrigue of living in the city that never sleeps.

If successfully funded through Kickstarter, the graphic novel will have a 1,000 copy print run, with all funds going directly to the comic.  Any excess funds will be put towards further print runs, convention fees, and upgrading the books to a larger format.

Be sure to visit Pawn Shop‘s Kickstarter page for a preview of the graphic novel, and don’t forget to check out the backer rewards, which include digital downloads of the graphic novel and origianl sketches by the artist.  The campaign closes on Wednesday, August 22nd, so be sure to donate soon!




Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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