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Geeks Care: How You Can Help Renae De Liz

Renae De LizWhen Fanboy Comics is not providing you with the latest in geek news and entertainment, the FBC staff and I hope to offer our readers a myriad of opportunities to give back to the community.  We love reading comics, watching movies, and playing video games, but we are never happier than when we are able to help others in need.  With Geeks Care: How You Can Help, FBC will provide you a variety of causes that would greatly appreciate your time.

Renae De Liz is many things: artist, writer, wife, and mother.  The staff of Fanboy Comics was absolutely in awe of her most recent creation, Womanthology, and we have been eager to learn more about all of her upcoming projects ever since.  When we learned that Renae was taken to the hospital with a very serious infection in her blood and kidneys, all the while with two little boys to take care of and no medical insurance, we knew that we wanted to help in any way that we could.

Renae’s husband, artist and writer Ray Dillon, posted a recent update on her medical condition and the seriousness of their current financial situation.  (You can read the full post here.)  Even in this difficult time, Ray and Renae were generous and humble, offering their assurances to fans that their work will continue and orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Whether you would like to send a Get Well card to Renae or make a donation to assist with her mounting medical bills, please know that your support of the Dillon family will mean a great deal.  Please see Ray Dillon’s blog post for detailed information regarding where to send cards and gifts, as well as the process for making donations.

Everyone here at Fanboy Comics wishes Renae a speedy recovery, and we send our very best thoughts to her family.





If you have a volunteer opportunity or an important cause that could use the assistance of a few geeks, please email the details to barbra (at)



Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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