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Tread Perilously – ‘Locke & Key: Forget Me Not’

Tread Perilously is a podcast in which hosts Erik Amaya and author Justin Robinson watch the “worst” episodes of popular TV shows, attempting to determine if they would continue to watch the series based on the most off-key moments.

This Week: Locke & Key‘s “Forget Me Not”

Tread Perilously begins the first Patreon subscriber request month of the year with an episode of Locke & Key called, ironically, “Forget Me Not.”

The attempt to reunite Uncle Duncan (Aaron Ashmore!) with his childhood memories of magic is not working out. He’s frazzled, headachey, and half-recalls that his brother may have killed someone. But, somehow, Duncan’s come into possession of the Anywhere Key. Tyler takes it so he can have a romantic date with his girlfriend while Bode tries to reach through his uncle’s brain fog to determine how he found it. Also, Kinsey debates putting her fears back in her head.

Justin has a hard time recalling the episode despite seeing it early the morning of recording. Erik tries to get through the plot, but it’s really just a collection of scenes as the pair face another connective tissue episode. Discussion of shows they like better occurs. They also try to keep the Ashmores straight. The problem of Netflix programs smoothed by algorithms is addressed. Erik attempts to find the right episodic plot and recall the term for the caretaker who lives in a dorm. A hypothesis emerges regarding the flatness of Locke & Key, and Erik once again laments the loss of I Am Not Okay With This.

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