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Tread Perilously – ‘Supernatural: Hell House’

Tread Perilously is a podcast in which hosts Erik Amaya and author Justin Robinson watch the “worst” episodes of popular TV shows, attempting to determine if they would continue to watch the series based on the most off-key moments.

This Week: Supernatural’‘s “Hell House”

Tread Perilously‘s month of “haunted” episodes concludes with Supernatural and the episode called “Hell House.”

The road so far brings Sam and Dean to an East Texas town where a house that some say is haunted is starting to produce dead bodies. Allegedly, anyway. It could be a prank — as it happens, Dean has decided to begin pranking his brother again — but it could be more. Unfortunately, the boys’ investigation is stymied by a pair of amateur ghost hunters and the fact that the first reported death at the house is a load of bunk. Soon, Sam begins to think the power of the internet forced the local legend into becoming real, and he may need the amateur hunters to help end the threat.

Erik tries to wrap his mind around Season 1 of Supernatural while Justin enjoys Vancouver’s attempt to recreate East Texas. He also stumbles into creating “Marvel 1776.” The episode’s attempt to suggest the internet is only for nerds feels dated — even in 2005. Justin tells Erik about the two hamburger joints in Friday Night Lights. Erik cannot get over the lack of Sam and Dean’s FBI disguises. A geography corner gets very specific about the northeastern parts of Los Angeles, and Erik turns into the Art Bell of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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