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Tread Perilously – ‘Global Frequency: Pilot’

Tread Perilously is a podcast in which hosts Erik Amaya and author Justin Robinson watch the “worst” episodes of popular TV shows, attempting to determine if they would continue to watch the series based on the most off-key moments.

This Week: Global Frequency‘s Pilot

Tread Perilously‘s failed pilots month concludes with a look at the 2005 attempt to bring Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency to the airwaves.

Ex-cop Sean Flynn finds a mangled corpse and a tricked-out mobile phone in a San Fransisco alley. Soon, he is recruited by the enigmatic Miranda Zero into a vast open conspiracy of do-gooders known as the Global Frequency. Partnered with theoretical physicist Dr. Katrina Finch, he must stop a refugee from a Soviet superpowers experiment before he absorbs all of the Bay Area’s electrical power and explodes. Will they find the missing man? And will Miranda Zero be able to use her attitude to break into a top secret NSA black site?

Erik and Justin immediately get lost in a discussion about comic books and comic book creators. Vancouver’s Chinatown once again plays San Fransisco’s Chinatown (and fails). Erik questions why the episode wasn’t just set in Vancouver. The presence of Michelle Forbes leads to a discussion of her career and, maybe, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Justin becomes convinced the pilot script was a workshop project. Peeta Mellark makes a cameo appearance, and Justin continues to deny the existence of The Vicar of Dibley.

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