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Ep. #045 The ‘PREVIEWS’ Party Podcast

Welcome to The PREVIEWS Party Podcast! Covering the October 2016 issue of PREVIEWS magazine from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., Fanbase Press’ panel examines the upcoming comics, graphic novels, and other merchandise that will be available in stores nationwide and explains the importance of pre-ordering and its effect on the comic book industry as a whole.

Are you unfamiliar with PREVIEWS or the pre-order process used by comic book stores? Please see our helpful guide below to better understand what PREVIEWS is and how it can best be used to find the comics, graphic novels, and merchandise that will be on sale in the coming months.

In this month’s episode, we chat with PREVIEWSworld Editor Vince Brusio about this month’s “Prose to Panels”-themed PREVIEWS catalog. In addition, we are joined by Eddie deAngelini and Kristen Parraz (Hi De Ho Comics) to discuss why pre-ordering is so important to comic book publishers. The Fanbase Press panel also breaks down the exciting releases (scheduled to hit stores in November) from a variety of publishers and manufacturers, including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Image, Archaia, BOOM! Studios, DC Collectibles, NECA, and more!

Cast members: Scott Rubin and Bryant Dillon

Special guests: Eddie deAngelini and Kristen Parraz (Hi De Ho Comics)

Be sure to subscribe to The PREVIEWS Party on iTunes, and join us on Facebook and Twitter (@PREVIEWSParty)!

“Quittin’ Time”
by Patrick Lee

A Helpful Guide to PREVIEWS (Courtesy of the Diamond Comic Distribution website):


PREVIEWS is Diamond’s monthly mag-a-log (catalog and magazine) of comic books, graphic novels and other pop culture merchandise which is on sale every month in comic book shops nationwide. Each month, PREVIEWS includes listings for almost every comic book scheduled to be on sale, approximately two months in the future. You’ll find complete descriptions of each upcoming issue, how much they will cost, thier format and other points of interest. PREVIEWS also provides information on other merchandise, too, including toys, books, games, videos and much more.

How can I buy the merchandise featured in Previews?

You can order any item you see in PREVIEWS! Every item is available from your local shop and will be in their store beginning in approximately two months time. You can go to your local comic book specialty store and request a copy of the Customer Order Form when you buy the printed PREVIEWS catalog — the store will pre-order the item(s) just for you! In addition, many shops operate a “Pull and Hold” subscription service whereby they will regularly order your monthly comic books and hold them for you to pick up later. Check with your local comics shop for more details!

If you would like to find a comic shop in your area, please visit the Comic Shop Locator Service online. You’ll be provided with contact information for comic shops in your area.

How can I find a comic book shop near me?

Diamond operates the Comic Shop Locator Service (CSLS) website, an innovative tool that allows consumers to find comic book shops in their area allows users to enter their ZIP code into a graphical interface, which then rewards them with detailed information on the stores closest to their location.

Fans can also dial the toll-free number — (888) COMIC-BOOK (266-4226) — and enter their ZIP code into the CSLS’s touch-tone interface to receive information on shops nearby

A Helpful Guide to This Month’s Episode

Are you interested in finding the comic books, graphic novels, and merchandise discussed on this month’s podcast? Please refer to the notes below to find the items in which you are interested, listed by publisher.

Independent Publishers
-Pg. 258 After Shock Comics Rough Riders Vol. 1 by Adam Glass (W) & Patrick Olliffe (A)
-Pg. 260 After Shock Comics Animosity #5 by Marguerite Bennett (W) & Rafael de Latorre (A)
-Pg. 292 Black Mask Black #4 by Kwanza Osajyefo (W) & Jamal Igle (A)
-Pg. 302 Boom! Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York #3 by Greg Pak (W) & Daniel Bayliss (A)
-Pg. 304 Boom! Giant Days #21 by John Allison (W) & Max Sarin (A)
-Pg. 323 Dynamite Wonder Woman ‘77 Meets the Bionic Woman #1 of 6 by Andy Mangels (W) & Judit Tondora (A)
-Pg. 332 Dynamite Battlestar Galactica: Six TPB by J.T. Krul (W) & Igor Lima, Rod Rodolfo (A)
-Pg. 336 Dynamite Homies #3 by David Gonzales/Elliot Serrano (W) & Andrew Huerta (A)
-Pg. 342 Devil’s Due O/A How to Self-Publish Comics Master Edition by Josh Blaylock, Tim Seeley (W)
-Pg. 385 Oni Oh Joy Sex Toy: Coloring Book by Erika Moen (W/A/CA) & Matthew Nolan (W/C)
-Pg. 386 Oni Angel City #3 by Janet Harvey (W) & Megan Levens (A)
-Pg. 387 Oni Brik #6 by Adam Glass/Michael Benson (W) & Harwinder Singh (A)
-Pg. 387 Oni Jeff Steinberg: Champion of Earth #5 by Joshua Hale Fialkov (W) & Tony Fleecs (A)
-Pg. 397 Space Goat Monster Elementary Vol 1 TP by Nick Doan (W) & Caanan Grall/Various (A)
-Pg. 430 Valiant Divinity III: Komandar Bloodshot #1 by Jeff Lemire (W) & Clayton Crain (A)

Other Premier Publishers
-Pg. 154 Locke & Key: Small World by Joe Hill (W) & Gabriel Rodriguez (A)
-Pg. 157 Star Trek/Green Lantern 2 #1 (of 6) by Mike Johnson (W) & Angel Hernandez (A)
-Pg. 177 Love Is Love by various

-Pg. 194 Rockstars #1 by Joe Harris (W) & Megan Hutchison (A)
-Pg. 205 A.D.: After Death #2 by Scott Snyder (W) & Jeff Lemire (A)
-Pg. 206 Demonic #5 by Christopher Sebela (W) & Niko Walter/Dan Brown (A)
-Pg. 214 Moonshine #3 by Brian Azzarello (W) & Eduardo Risso (A)
-Pg. 228 Eden’s Fall TP by Matt Hawkins/Bryan Hill (W) & Atilio Rojo (A)
-Pg. 234 Manifest Destiny Vol. 4: Sasquatch TP by Chris Dingess (W) & Matthew Roberts/Tony Akins/Owen Gieni (A)

Dark Horse
-Pg. 46 Aliens: Defiance #8 by Brian Wood (W) & Tristan Jones (A)
-Pg. 57 Briggs Land #5 by Brian Wood (W) & Mack Chater (A)
-Pg. 60 Resident Alien: The Man With No Name #4 by Peter Hogan (W) & Steve Parkhouse (A)
-Pg. 61 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: S11 #2 by Christos Gage (W) & Rebekah Isaacs (A)
-Pg. 66 Shadows on the Grave #1 (of 8) by Richard Corben (W/A)
-Pg. 69 Lady Killer 2 #5 by Joelle Jones (W/A)

Big Two
-Pg. 78 Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1-2 by Joshua Williamson (W) & Jason Fabok (A)
-Pg. 80 DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1 by various
-Pg. 81 Action Comics #969-970 by Dan Jurgens (W) & Patrick Zircher (A)
-Pg. 109 Suicide Squad #1 Director’s Cut by Rob Williams (W) & Jim Lee, Jason Fabok (A)
-Pg. 134 Green Lantern: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 1 HC by various
-Pg. 143 (Vertigo) The Lost Boys #3 by Tim Seeley (W) & Scott Godlewski

-Pg. 2 IVX #1 of 6 by Charles Soule/Jeff Lemire (W) & Leinil Francis Yu (A)
-Pg. 14 Hawkeye #1 by Kelly Thompson (W) & Leonardo Romero (A)
-Pg. 22 Rocket Raccoon #1 by Matthew Rosenberg (W) & Jorge Coelho (A)
-Pg. 39 The Unworthy Thor #2 by Jason Aaron (W) & Olivier Coipel (A)
-Pg. 59 Jessica Jones #3 by Brian Michael Bendis (W) & Michael Gaydos (A)
-Pg. 81 Daredevil #14 by Charles Soule (W) & Ron Garney (A)

Pg. 147 Bombshells Raven Statue. 10.4” $125
Pg. 148 Designer Series Batwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman by Ant Lucia. 1:11 $28 ea
Pg. 149 Batman B&W by Kim Jung Gi Statue. 6.42” $80
Pg. 150 Harley Quinn: R, W, B Statue Injustice 2. 7.75” $80
Pg. 507 DST JLU Martian Manhunter Resin Bust. 6” $60
Pg. 507 DST JLU Gallery Huntress PVC Figure. 9” $45
Pg. 515 Chess Collection – The Complete Set 2. $495
Pg. 518 Cryptozoic Harley’s Puddin’ Pop. 9” $75
Pg. 521 Yamato USA Fantasy Figure Gallery Batgirl Resin Statue. 12” $250
Pg. 568 Koto Green Lantern ARTFX Statue. 14” $120
Pg. 570 Koto Batman & Robin Two-Pack ARTFX+ Statue. 6.1/3.7” $100

Pg. 510 DST Gallery Medusa PVC Diorama. 9” $45
Pg. 510 DST Daredevil TV Season 2 Minimates Box Set: Daredevil, Elektra, Stick, Karen Page. $25
Pg. 515 Fact Files Special War Machine. 5” $35
Pg. 533 Gentle Giant Animated Style Vision Statue. $65
Pg. 534 Gentle Giant Deadpool Caesar Classic Mini Bust. $80
Pg. 571 Koto Super Deadpool ARTFX Statue. 1/6 scale, $150
Pg. 571 Koto Spider-Gwen ARTFX+ Statue. $65

Pg. 275/278 #TeamBetty, #TeamVeronica t-shirts, lanyards
Pg. 509 DST Aliens Deluxe Minimates Space Jockey with Kane, eggs. $15
Pg. 514 Star Trek Starships Collection UTS Aeon, Vahklas. $22 ea
Pg. 514 TWD Collector’s Models Church Walker, Tara. $20 ea
Pg. 516-517 Alien & Predator Figurine Collection: Alien (5.5”), AVP Predator Scar (7.5”) $30 ea (see last page)
Pg. 520 Hollywood Collectibles Group Alien Derelict Ship Statue (21” $500), Aliens Alien Warrior Life-Size Statue (6.67” $6000)
Pg. 528 Pop! Rocks: Amy Winehouse Vinyl Figure
Pg. 534 Chronicle: Jurassic Park: Breakout T-Rex Statue
Pg. 542 Mondo Scott Pilgrim Ramona Flowers 9” Collectible Vinyl Statue. $50
Pg. 544-548 Star Wars Rogue One, etc.

Pg. 584 Chocobo Crystal Hunt Card Game. $20
Pg. 621 Batman TAS: Almost Got ‘Im Card Game. $20
Pg. 621 Exploding Kittens Card Game
Pg. 622 Ouija Game. $21




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