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Ep. #028 The ‘PREVIEWS’ Party Podcast

Welcome to The PREVIEWS Party Podcast! Covering the June 2015 issue of PREVIEWS magazine from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., Fanboy Comics’ panel examines the upcoming comics, graphic novels, and other merchandise that will be available in stores nationwide and explains the importance of pre-ordering and its effect on the comic book industry as a whole.

Are you unfamiliar with PREVIEWS or the pre-order process used by comic book stores? Please see our helpful guide below to better understand what PREVIEWS is and how it can best be used to find the comics, graphic novels, and merchandise that will be on sale in the coming months.

In this month’s episode, we chat with PREVIEWSworld Editor Vince Brusio about PREVIEWS Magazine’s special articles for Video Game Month and the upcoming 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. In addition, we are joined by writer Jacob Semahn, creator of Goners for Image Comics, to discuss the importance of pre-ordering creator-owned comics. The Fanboy Comics panel also breaks down the exciting releases (scheduled to hit stores in August) from a variety of publishers and manufacturers, including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Image, Archaia, BOOM! Studios, DC Collectibles, NECA, and more!

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Cast members: Jason Enright, Scott Rubin, Barbra Dillon, and Bryant Dillon

Special guest: Jacob Semahn (Image Comics’ Goners)


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“Quittin’ Time”
by Patrick Lee

A Helpful Guide to PREVIEWS (Courtesy of the Diamond Comic Distribution website):


PREVIEWS is Diamond’s monthly mag-a-log (catalog and magazine) of comic books, graphic novels and other pop culture merchandise which is on sale every month in comic book shops nationwide. Each month, PREVIEWS includes listings for almost every comic book scheduled to be on sale, approximately two months in the future. You’ll find complete descriptions of each upcoming issue, how much they will cost, thier format and other points of interest. PREVIEWS also provides information on other merchandise, too, including toys, books, games, videos and much more.

How can I buy the merchandise featured in Previews?

You can order any item you see in PREVIEWS! Every item is available from your local shop and will be in their store beginning in approximately two months time. You can go to your local comic book specialty store and request a copy of the Customer Order Form when you buy the printed PREVIEWS catalog — the store will pre-order the item(s) just for you! In addition, many shops operate a “Pull and Hold” subscription service whereby they will regularly order your monthly comic books and hold them for you to pick up later. Check with your local comics shop for more details!

If you would like to find a comic shop in your area, please visit the Comic Shop Locator Service online. You’ll be provided with contact information for comic shops in your area.

How can I find a comic book shop near me?

Diamond operates the Comic Shop Locator Service (CSLS) website, an innovative tool that allows consumers to find comic book shops in their area allows users to enter their ZIP code into a graphical interface, which then rewards them with detailed information on the stores closest to their location.

Fans can also dial the toll-free number — (888) COMIC-BOOK (266-4226) — and enter their ZIP code into the CSLS’s touch-tone interface to receive information on shops nearby

A Helpful Guide to This Month’s Episode

Are you interested in finding the comic books, graphic novels, and merchandise discussed on this month’s podcast? Please refer to the notes below to find the items in which you are interested, listed by publisher.

DC Comics

Pg. 72 DC Comics Bombshells #1 Marguerite Bennett (W) & Marguerite Sauvage (A) – Order Code: JUN15 0167
Pg. 86 Justice League: Gods and Monsters – Wonder Woman #1 – Order Code: JUN15 0198
Pg. 90 – ‘Midnighter’ #3 – Steve Orlando (W), Aco (A), and Artyom Trakhanov (Cover) – Order Code: JUN15 0209
Pg. 95 – ‘Section 8 #3’ – Garth Ennis (W), John McCrea (A), and Amanda Conner (Cover) – Order Code: JUN15 0218
Guests’ Picks: Pg. 127 Suicide Squad Vol. 1 John Ostrander (W) & Luke McDonnell, Karl Kesel, and Bob Lewis (A) – Order Code: JUN15 0292
Mention – Pg. 117 We Are…Robin #3 Lee Bermejo (W) & Jorge Corona, Rob Haynes, and Khary Randolph (A) – Order Code: JUN15 0264

Marvel Comics
Pg. 13 Secret Wars: Secret Love One Shot by Various – Order Code: JUN15 0699
Pg. 24 House of M #1 by Dennis Hopeless (W) & Marco Failla (A) – Order Code: JUN15 0722
Pg. 32 – ‘Howard The Human’ #1 – By Skottie Young (W), Jim Mahfood (A)(Cover) – Order Code: JUN15 0729
Pg. 71 – ‘The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8’ – by Ryan North (W) and Erica Hernderson (A/C) – Order Code: JUN15 0808
Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4 by Dan Slott (W) – Order Code: JUN15 0736

Dark Horse
Pg. 40 Two Brothers HC Gabriel Ba (W/A) & Fabio Moon (W/A) – Order Code: JUN15 0027
Pg. 42 – ‘How to Pass as Human’ HC by Nic Kelman (W), Pericles Junior (A/C), and Terry Dodson (Cover) – Order Code: JUN15 0030
Pg. 44 – ‘Prometheus: The Complete Fire and Stone HC’ by Kelly Sue DeConnick (W), Paul Tobin (W), Chris Roberson (W), Christopher Sebela (W), Joshua Williamson (W), Juan Ferreyra (A), Patric Reynolds (A), Ariel Olivetti (A), Chris Mooneyham (A), Agustin Alessio (A), Dave Stewart (Cover), Dan Brown (Cover), and David Plaumbo (Cover). – Order Code: JUN15 0034
Pg. 45 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Minicomic Collection HC by various – Order Code: JUN15 0035

Pg. 149 ‘The X-Files: Season 11’ #1 By Joe Harris (W), Matthew Dow Smith (A) – Order Code: JUN15 0359
Pg. 180 – ‘Strange Nation’ – By Paul Allor (W) and Juan ROmera (A/C) – Order Code: JUN15 0481

Pg. 184 Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1 by Kieron Gillen (W) & Jamie McKelvie (A) – Order Code: JUN15 0532
Pg. 192 The Beauty #1 by Jeremy Haun/Jason Hurley (W) & Jason Haun (A) – Order Code: JUN15 0512
Pg. 214 – ‘The Walking Dead’ #145 – By Robert Kirkman (W), Charlie Adlard (A), Stefano Gaudiano (A), Cliff Rathburn (A), Charlie Adlard & Dave Steward (Cover) – Order Code: JUN15 0539
Pg. 217 Stray Bullets v3 – Other People David Lapham (W/A) – Order Code: JUN15 0559
Pg. 222 – ‘The Tithe’ Vol. 1 TPB – By Matt Hawkins (W) and Rahsan Ekedal (A/C) – Order Code: JUN15 0588

Back of the Book

BOOM! Studios
Pg. 283 John Flood #1 of 6 by Justin Jordan (W) & Jorge Coelho (A) – Order Code: JUN15 1083
Boom Studios: Pg. 285 Over the Garden Wall #1 by Pat McHale (W) and Jim Campbell (A) – Order Code: JUN15 1090
Pg. 295 – ‘Pantalones, TX’ – by Yehudi Mercado
Pg. 342 Olympus HC by Geoff Johns/Kris Grimminger (W) & Butch Guice (A)
Pg. 342 Son of the Gun HC Alejandro Jodorowsky (W) and Georges Bess (A)
Pg. 381 – ‘Angel: The Official Collection Volume 1: Heroes & Guardians Angels’ TP

Pg. 140 The Flash Central City Police Badge $30
Pg. 140 Alex Ross Justice League Action Figure 6-Pack (Aquaman). 7” scale, $95.
Pg. 142 Batgirl Statue. 12.5” $125
Pg. 143 Arkham Knight Nightwing, Robin, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman. $25 ea
Pg. 143 Super-Pets Plush Figures Dex-Starr, Streaky. 9” $15
Pg. 145 Icons The Joker Statue. 10.25” $100
Pg. 145 Cover Girls Catwoman Statue. 9.5” $100
Pg. 426 Femmes Fatales Box Set: Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy. $70
Pg. 428 Chess Collection Blackfire, Metallo, Guy Gardner, Black Hand. $16 ea
Pg. 458 DST Batman TAS Harley Quinn Resin Bust. 6” $60
Pg. 459 DST Batman TAS Batgirl PVC Statue. 9” $45
Pg. 464 DST Justice League Animated Green Lantern Battery Vinyl Bank. 12” $23
Pg. 465 DST Gotham Minimates Box Set 1: Jim Gordon, Sarah Essen, Edward Nygma, Black Mask. $20
Pg. 475 Gentle Giant Super Powers Jumbo Robin, Flash. $90 ea
Pg. 476 Tonner Batman ‘66 Craig Batgirl, Bombshells WW, BB Supergirl. 16”
Pg. 504 Kotobukiya Black Canary Bishoujo Statue. 9.5” $70
Pg. 505 Kotobukiya Classic Costume ARTFX+ Batman, Robin. $30
Pg. 528 Square Enix Play Arts Kai Arkham Knight $100, AK Harley Quinn $100, Variant Play Arts Kai Batman “Tetsuya Version” $250
Pg. 529 Herocross Hybrid Metal Figuration Batman ‘66 $77, Robin ‘66 $77, comics Batman $81, Superman $68, Flash $77

Pg. 427 Chess Collection Juggernaut, Deadpool, Magik, Brood. $17 ea
Pg. 465 DST Savage Hulk. 9.75” $25
Pg. 482 Previews Exclusive Funko POP Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch. $11
Pg. 490 Gentle Giant Secret Wars Jumbo Magneto. 12” $90
Pg. 494 Stan Lee ⅙ Action Figure. $250
Pg. 497 Dragon 1/9 AoU Action Hero Vignettes Hulkbuster $500, IM Mk 43 $180

Pg. 69 Dark Horse Game of Thrones Titan of Braavos Statue
Pg. 68 Halo Covenant Truth & Reconciliation Ship Replica
Pg. 307 Women of Dynamite Purgatori Statue. 14” $190
Pg. 426 Eaglemoss The Walking Dead Collector’s Models Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon. $20 ea
Pg. 427 Starships Collection U.S.S. Centaur, Klingon Attack Ship. $20 ea
Pg. 456 – ‘Aliens’ Minimates 2-Packs Series 2 Asst.
Pg. 468 Judge Dredd items
Pg. 470 Jurassic World items
Pg. 483 – POP! Sesame Street Vinyl Figures (Super Grover, Bert & Ernie, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Snuffleupagus)
Pg. 491 Gentle Giant Chappie Chibbie Action Figure. 3.5” $20
Pg. 560 Eaglemoss Doctor Who The Teller, The Master (The Deadly Assassin). $20 ea

Pg. 571 Star Wars Armada Home One $40, Imperial-Class Star Destroyer $50, Imperial Raider $20, MC30C Frigate $30
Pg. 572 WeLoveFine D&D Beholder Dice Bag. $20
Pg. 574 D&D Attack Wing Wave 10: Goblin Fighter Troop $25, Green Dragon/Ogre Mage $20 ea
Pg. 574 D&D Icons of the Realms miniatures
Pg. 575 DC Dice Masters War of Light: Boosters, Collector’s Box, Dice Box, Playmat, Starter




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