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Ep. #040 The Fanboy Scoop – Week In Review

breaking dawn 09eCovering the week of 11/7/2011, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top geek stories from the popular, daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop.


In this episode, we discuss Twilight‘s status in geek history, the White House’s views on E.T., China’s climate ransom, the greatness that is Mega Man X, and the future of digital comics for Marvel!


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Cast members: Bryant Dillon, Barbra Dillon, Sam Rhodes, and Drew Siragusa

Special guest: Jarret Mock

Featuring the song “The Geek Songfrom Sakygen


Featured stories:

1. Sorry, True Believers: White House Says, “There Have Been No Alien Visitations, There Is No Alien Cover-Up”!!!

2. Kristen Stewart Addresses Rumors Her “Breaking Dawn” Wedding Was Real!!!

3. Robert Pattinson Afraid Of Coming Down With ‘The Mark Hamill Curse’!!!

4. OMG!!! 2,344 “Breaking Dawn” Showings Sold Out 8 Days Before The Premiere!!!

5. “Twilight” Fans Already Lining Up For “Breaking Dawn” L.A. Premiere!!!

6. The Next Cold War Will Be Fought With Greenhouse Gas!!!

7. One Dudes Well Thought Out Discussion On Why “Mega Man X” Is The Greatest Game Ever!!!

8. Why Marvel Comics Thinks Digital Is The “New Newsstand”!!!

9. Marvel Comics To Add Download Codes To “Ultimate” Line For Free Digital Copies!!!



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