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Ep. #158 The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review

Covering the week of 9/8/14, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top geek stories from the popular, daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop.

In this special Son of Monsterpalooza episode of the podcast, the FBC crew interviews several indie creators and exhibitors from the convention floor of the Burbank Marriott and Convention Center in Burbank, CA.  Son of Monsterpalooza celebrates the best in horror and sci-fi make-up, movies, and more each year in both their spring and fall conventions.

Cast members
: Bryant Dillon and Barbra Dillon

Special guests:  Ross E. Tallent (Sculptor), Robert Payne Cabeen (Fearworms: Selected Poems, Tainted Treats), Eric Bjorkman (Bjorkman Creations), and Timothy Martin (Stan Winston School of Character Arts)

The Fanboy Scoop – Week in Review Theme Song Written and Performed by: Adam WarRock

The Fanboy Scoop – Week in Review Theme Song Produced by: Mikal kHill

Episode Photo by: Sean Foster

Featuring: Jeff Goldblum singing the Jurassic Park theme song


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