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Ep. #098 The Fanboy Scoop – Week In Review

Dead Island

Dead IslandCovering the week of 4/22/2013, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top geek stories from the popular, daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop.



In this episode, we discuss the controversy over Dead Island‘s exclusive figurine, fan reaction to the new Thor: The Dark World trailer, popular culture’s acceptance of Slash, the new business model for Netflix, and the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing (REDACTED) in Star Trek into Darkness.


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Cast members: Bryant Dillon, Sam Rhodes, Drew Siragusa, and Barbra Dillon

Special guests: Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Aphrodite IX, President of Top Cow) and Chris Thorne (The Thirty Six, Solestar)

“Tangling with the Torso” Skit Written by: Bryant Dillon

The Fanboy Scoop – Week In Review Theme Song Written and Performed by: Adam WarRock

The Fanboy Scoop – Week In Review Theme Song Produced by: Mikal kHill

Featuring: “Hodor” by Adam WarRock









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