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Fanbase Feature: Grave Harvest 2016: Writing in the Dark – Creating Dark and Spooky Fiction – Panel Audio

As a special feature of The Fanbase Weekly podcast, the Fanbase Feature focuses on and celebrates a specific element of geek culture.

On Sunday, October 2, Abracadaver Events held their first-ever Grave Harvest, an event to kick off October, which is most often associated with jack o’ lanterns, spooky ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. Attendees could check out two ballrooms filled with vendor and exhibitor tables of Halloween-related merchandise. And, just like the comic conventions, Grave Harvest hosted four panels throughout the day.

The Horror Writers Association’s “Writing in the Dark: Creating Dark and Spooky Fiction” started the morning. Prolifx founder Ryan Banfield’s “Corpsification Demonstration” was next, and attendees could “learn how to corpsify a skeleton with latex and cotton like the pros.” “Getting Started in the Haunted Attraction Business” was led by Kelly Allen (So You Want to be a Haunt Entrepreneur), and he described in detail how to start such a business as well as provide sage tips. Haunt Hackers’ Steve Bjork concluded the panel schedule with his presentation titled “Lighting Your Home Haunt Like a Professional on a DIY Budget.”

As a member of the Horror Writers Association Los Angeles chapter, Fanbase Press Editorials Manager Michele Brittany served as moderator for “Writing in the Dark: Creating Dark and Spooky Fiction.” Joining her on stage were HWA members and novelists Janet Joyce Holden (The Origins of Blood Series), Ian Welke (End Times at Ridgemont High), and Walter Jarvis (The Fleshing).

The hour-long panel focused on defining the horror genre, exploring the writing process, research, and avoiding rabbit holes – all aspects of writing which allowed them to share their insight and experience. Each panelist brought a unique perspective that resonated with the audience in attendance.

In this Fanbase Feature, we provide you with the panel audio.

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