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The Fanbase Weekly: Episode #242 (The Premature Death of an Eisner Category & More)

In The Fanbase Weekly, the Fanbase Press staff and a host of special guests from across the pop culture spectrum discuss the top geek stories of the week.

In the latest episode, The Fanbase Weekly co-hosts welcome special guest Celeste Bronfman (writer – Degrassi, Jackpot, Jackpot & Black Cat) to discuss the latest geek news stories of the week, including the possible return of the Comics Journalism category for the Eisner Awards, why Christopher Nolan is bothered about The Dark Knight‘s most popular line, and why Starship Troopers is still so misunderstood.

Hosts: Barbra Dillon (Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief), Claire Thorne (Creator, A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch), and Drew Siragusa (Fanbase Press Senior Contributor)

Special guest: Celeste Bronfman (writer – Degrassi, Jackpot, Jackpot & Black Cat)

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11:28 – (Popverse) The Eisner Awards’ comic journalism category isn’t dead (yet), keep submitting
24:19 – (GamesRadar+) Christopher Nolan explains why he’s “plagued” by the most famous line in THE DARK KNIGHT
36:45 – (Den of Geek) Why Is STARSHIP TROOPERS Still So Misunderstood?

The Fanbase Weekly Theme Song Written and Performed by: Adam WarRock
The Fanbase Weekly Theme Song Produced by: Mikal kHill
Episode Photo by: Barbra Dillon

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