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The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 159: ‘Steven Universe 31-40’

The Arkham Sessions, hosted by Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward, is a weekly podcast dedicated to the psychological analysis of pop culture, including Batman: The Animated Series, Steven Universe, and Doom Patrol. Nostalgic, humorous, and even a little educational, each episode promises to lend some insight into the heroes, villains, and classic stories of the Dark Knight and more!

The Arkham Sessions, Ep. 159 – Steven Universe 31-40

Toward the end of the first season of Steven Universe, the underlying theme seems to be about “sense of self;” the way a person thinks and views their traits, beliefs, and purpose in the world. These elements contribute to our self-image, or the unique identity we have as a person.

This collection of episodes features storylines about fusion, boundaries, and self-worth. The merging of bodies (the Crystal Gems can with one another, as a part of an innate ability) seems, at first, wondrous and even a little zany. These alien amalgamations, and what goes wrong when multiple drivers take the wheel, are initially superficial and slapstick. However, these moments can raise curiosity and can even teach viewers about body consciousness.

Steven (who is half-human/half-Gem), still young and has yet to form all his powers, discovers he can fuse with his human companion, Connie. Although their first fusion is accidental, they both agree to stay merged and share agency inside a single androgynous character, Stevonnie. These new experiences lead to important considerations about sharing the self with others, whether in terms of our will, our ideas, and even our consent.

Learn more about this, the trauma in Amethyst’s past, and our first analysis of Garnet in this week’s episode!



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