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Paul and Corey Cross the Streams: Season 6, Episode 8 [‘La Dolce Vita’ (1960)]

Paul and Corey Cross the Streams is a bi-monthly podcast in which hosts Paul Pakler and Corey Pepper watch and review streaming content. It’s the Great American Podcast where two friends learn about life as they float down the river of streaming services.

Having amassed more than 100 episodes in its run, PACCTS’ sixth season will focus its sights on “the greatest films of all time” (both in the US and internationally), as assembled by the British Film Institute’s 2022 Sight and Sound Poll of industry critics. Corey will be choosing American films from the list, and Paul will be choosing international ones. 

Our goal is to examine the films that are considered great, and why that may be the case.  

Ranked at 60, Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (1960) launched him onto the world’s stage as an artistic force to be reckoned with. Coming from the Italian neorealist movement, Fellini began to make dreamlike, expressionist art films that were glamorous and yet explored the rot at the center of that glamor.

La Dolce Vita is structurally inventive, dense with meaning, and even intimidated Paul as to how well he’d do in discussing it. (Spoiler: Paul and Corey did a great job.)


This Episode’s Focus: La Dolce Vita (1960)
Host’s Choice
: Paul Pakler
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Corey’s Recipe Recommendations for This Episode:
Spaghetti Bolognese and Using Sparkling Wine to Upgrade Your Salad

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