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Paul and Corey Cross the Streams: Season 5, Episode 10 [‘JFK’ (1991)]

Paul and Corey Cross the Streams is a bi-monthly podcast in which hosts Paul Pakler and Corey Pepper watch and review streaming content. It’s the Great American Podcast where two friends learn about life as they float down the river of streaming services.

It’s season five of Paul and Corey Cross the Streams! This year, Paul and Corey have decided to try something a bit different: Instead of monthly themes, they’ve decided to improvise. Each subsequent episode will in some way be linked to the one that preceded it.

Based on Corey’s Charade (1963), Paul took out his red string and connected the dots: 1963. Walter Matthau. The CIA…

Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991)!

One of Paul’s favorite films, which he’s been threatening Corey with for the past five years, finally makes its appearance on the podcast.

Controversial even while the film was barely into production, a conversation about JFK has a lot to unpack. A cast loaded with stars. Editing. The Cold War and Vietnam. Deep and parapolitics. Conspiracy theories and the material conditions that allow for them to flourish. Why does Paul care so much? Why doesn’t Corey?

So, sit yourself down on the closest grassy knoll and enjoy.

This Episode’s Focus: JFK (1991)

Host’s Choice
: Paul Pakler

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Corey’s Recipe Recommendations for This Episode:
Candy Making for Beginners and Lemon-Glazed Pound Cake


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