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Paul and Corey Cross the Streams is a bi-monthly podcast in which hosts Paul Pakler and Corey Pepper watch and review streaming content. It’s the Great American Podcast where two friends learn about life as they float down the river of streaming services.

It’s season five of Paul and Corey Cross the Streams! This year, Paul and Corey have decided to try something a bit different: Instead of monthly themes, they’ve decided to improvise. Each subsequent episode will in some way be linked to the one that preceded it.

Based on Paul’s One Sings, The Other Doesn’t (1977), Corey also wanted to keep it in Paris. And so… Charade (1963).

Famously known as “the best Hitchcock movie Hitchcock never made,” Charade was actually directed by another movie god: Stanley Donen. (Look at his filmography and deny it.)

Charade is a romantic screwball comedy mystery – about as 1960s as a film can get. Gorgeous locations (Paris), gorgeous costumes (Givenchy), and gorgeous stars (Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Walter Matthau)!

Audrey Hepburn plays Reggie Lampert, an unhappy wife who longs for a divorce from her secretive husband. When she finds out he’s been murdered, the thrills…I don’t know, man. These ’60s comedies are so boring…

Paul and Corey talk about what works and what doesn’t in the film, the incredible careers of all involved, and only barely talk about the CIA!

Enjoy, or as the French would say “Enjoy.” (This was a French person who knows English.)

This Episode’s FocusCharade (1963)

Host’s Choice
: Corey Pepper

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Corey’s Recipe Recommendations for This Episode: 
French Onion Soup and Coq Au Vin

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Special thanks to Tobin for our incredible theme song and Dave Droxler for our podcast’s logo and artwork.

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