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Paul and Corey Cross the Streams: Season 2, Episode 10 [Fish Out of Water – ‘Coming to America’ (1988)]

Paul and Corey Cross the Streams is a bi-monthly podcast in which hosts Paul Pakler and Corey Pepper watch and review streaming content – so you don’t have to!

This month’s theme is Fish Out of Water! Paul chose a childhood favorite, Coming to America (1988). From the height of Eddie Murphy’s career, the film seems to have a bit more going on in the subtext than young Paul inferred. In this episode, the boys ask the big questions, like if not for Coming to America, would we even have The Master of Disguise? And is this even a fish out of water movie?

This Month’s Theme: Fish Out of Water

This Episode’s Focus: Coming to America (1988)

Host’s Choice: Paul Pakler

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Corey’s Recipe Recommendations for This Episode: Neely’s Pigs in a Blanket and Make Perfect McDonald’s Fries

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Special thanks to Tobin for our incredible theme song and Dave Droxler for our podcast’s logo and artwork.




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