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Finding Felicity: Episode 16 – ‘The Fugue (Or, New York Is a Big City, Y’all! Damn!’)’

Finding Felicity is a podcast where Pomonok Entertainment’s Teresa Jusino, a Felicity newbie, chats with rotating guest co-hosts who are already Felicity fans to talk about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness through the prism of this coming-of-age television drama created by J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves.

Episode 16 of Finding Felicity is titled The Fugue (Or, New York is a Big City, Y’all! Damn!’), because OH MY GOD YOU DON’T HAVE TO EVER SEE HANNA AGAIN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO IN NEW YORK. STOP ACTING LIKE HER BEING IN TOWN NEEDS TO BE A BIG DEAL. Except, of course it is, because there are unresolved feelings, blah-blah.

Finding Felicity co-producer and editor Bryant Dillon finally comes out from behind his monitor to get into the Felicity discussion this week! He and Teresa discuss Noel continuing to be the most trash (and Hanna, too, surprisingly), how art affects relationships, and why Teresa is hoping (quite possibly against hope) that the show just lets Felicity have sex for the first time with a rando art student on a paint-splattered couch.

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This week’s listener question: Is it possible for you to be friends with your exes? Why or why not?

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Host/Executive Producer: Teresa Jusino
*Twitter/IG: @teresajusino
Produced by: Pomonok Entertainment and Fanbase Press
Recorded at Fanbase Press Headquarters in North Hollywood, CA.
Edited by: Bryant Dillon of Fanbase Press
Logo design by: Noel Rivera
Finding Felicity theme arranged and performed by Dayna Webber.
Original Felicity theme composed by Larry Klein and J.J. Abrams and performed by Judith Owen.

Finding Felicity: Because coming of age never seems to stop.




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