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Finding Felicity: Episode 26 – ‘Finding Felicity’s Little Voice – Part 4’

Finding Felicity is a podcast where Pomonok Entertainment’s Teresa Jusino, a Felicity newbie, chats with rotating guest co-hosts who are already Felicity fans to talk about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness through the prism of this coming-of-age television drama created by J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves.

FINDING FELICITY IS BACK! But before we get to Season 2 of Felicity (and Keri Russell’s haircut!), Teresa is taking a brief looksee at J.J. Abrams’ latest offering about a curly-haired, creative young woman making a go of it in New York City.

Little Voice (Apple TV+), created by Abrams, Sara Bareilles, and Jessie Nelson, tells the story of Bess King, a singer/songwriter who isn’t quite ready to share her voice with the world. As it seemed like a very Felicity-esque offering, Teresa decided to check it out in a five-part miniseries to see how it stacks up to Felicity, how it stands as a show in its own right, and how accurately it portrays the lives of women in their 20s.

In Part 4, Teresa talks about Episode 8 of Little Voice, Season 1: “Sea Change.”

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This week’s #LittleQuestion: If you had to pick one song that represents who you are, what song would you choose?

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Host/Executive Producer: Teresa Jusino
*Twitter/IG: @teresajusino
Produced by: Pomonok Entertainment and Fanbase Press
Recorded at Pomonok Entertainment Headquarters in North Hollywood, CA.
Edited by: Teresa Jusino
Logo design by: Barbra Dillon
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Finding Felicity: Because coming of age never seems to stop.




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