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Ep. #004 FBC Presents: Jeff Kline and Renae Geerlings of Darby Pop Publishing

FBC Presents is a podcast series featuring long-form interviews with intriguing guests from every corner of Geekdom, including everyone from the average geek to Fanboy Comics staff members to leading professionals in comics, film, and other mediums and industries.

In this episode, FBC Senior Contributor Jason Enright talks with the staff of Darby Pop Publishing, founder Jeff Kline and Managing Editor Renae Geerlings, about the one-year anniversary of the launch of their independent publishing line, the lessons they’ve learned from creating independent comics, and what fans can expect from Darby Pop in their second year.


Cast member: Jason Enright

Special guests: Jeff Kline and Renae Geerlings of Darby Pop Publishing


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