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Fanbase Press Reimagines ‘80s Nostalgia in ‘The Sequels’

Fanbase Press is excited to announce the newest addition to its publishing slate with The Sequels, a four-issue, creator-owned comic book series written by Norm Harper (Eisner Award-nominated Rikki, The Naughty List), illustrated by Val Halvorson and Harvey Award-nominated Bobby Timony (The Night Owls, The Simpsons), colored by Val Halvorson, flatted by Deanna Poppe, lettered by Oceano Ransford (A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch, Eisner Award-nominated Rikki), and featuring cover art by Don Aguillo (Rise, Winter, Isugid Pinoy!).

In the height of 1980s nostalgia, The Sequels dares to question whether our grasp on the past is endangering our future:

Remember the ‘80s? Avery, Gwen, Russell, and Dakota will never forget.  As children, they each experienced unique adventures . . . saving the life of a sentient robot, partying with an intergalactic alien, battling the likes of vampires and werewolves, and defeating a nightmarish monster to protect imagination itself.  Now, 30 years later, they’re directionless adults, still obsessed with their pasts. When a mysterious figure brings the group together to cope with their experiences, will they be prepared to live out the “sequels” to their childhood adventures?

The series juxtaposes its modern-day characters with their ‘80s selves, as depicted by artists Halvorson and Timony, respectively.  

The Adults 183
Sequels80sPromo 60c

The Sequels was such a fun project, because I got to bask in the nostalgia of the kinds of stories I grew up loving,” says series creator/writer Harper.  “But, in addition to paying homage, we’re also uniting these different adventures into the same universe, and that forced me to look at them differently. It was like digging a favorite old toy out of your closet and discovering it has some hidden action feature you never knew about.”

Issues #1-4 of the comic book series will be released digitally through ComiXology starting in February 2019.  In addition, the series will be collected into a printed trade paperback that will be released in July 2019The Sequels trade paperback is currently available for pre-order through the Fanbase Press website (  Pre-orders made by May 1, 2019, will receive an exclusive set of prints (representing each of the four covers depicted below) illustrated by Don Aguillo and signed by the entire creative team.

THE SEQUELS 1 Cover 719
THE SEQUELS 2 Cover e87
THE SEQUELS 3 Cover 29f
THE SEQUELS 4 Cover 00c

Founded in 2010, Fanbase Press celebrates fandoms and creates new ones! As a comic book publisher and geek culture website, Fanbase Press produces new and distinctive works, as well as daily reviews, interviews, and podcasts, that span the pop culture spectrum and give voice to the themes, ideals, and people that make geekdom so exceptional.

Fanbase Press’ previous titles – including the 2018 Eisner Award-nominated Quince, the 2014 Bram Stoker Award-nominated Fearworms: Selected Poems, A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch: Journeys in Space, The Margins, Hero Hotel, The Gamma Gals, Something Animal, Identity Thief, The Arcs, and Penguins vs. Possums – are available online at and on Amazon, as well as digitally through ComiXology.

For more information on The Sequels, please visit or  The Sequels may also be found on Facebook and Twitter, @TheSequelsComic.  

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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