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Hi De Ho Comics and Comadres y Comics Podcast Present the ‘Quince’ Release Party and Signing (Nov. 4)

Save the date!  You won’t want to miss the quince party of the year!  You’re invited to the Quince release party and signing on Saturday, November 4, 2017, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica, CA!  Hosted by Hi De Ho Comics and the Comadres y Comics podcast, the event will not only celebrate the release of the Quince trade paperback from publisher Fanbase Press but will also be a quince party in its own right, complete with a Quinceañera-themed photo booth, a Quinceañera candy table, Latinx-themed food, a DJ, and much, much more!

Fanbase Press founders Bryant and Barbra Dillon hope that you will stop by and celebrate the upcoming release of the new trade paperback, as well as the years of hard work by creator Sebastian Kadlecik, writer Kit Steinkellner, artist Emma Steinkellner, and translator Valeria Tranier! The creative team will be on hand to sign copies of the book.

Quince is a 15-issue comic book series that follows a year in the life of Lupe, a 15-year-old girl who discovers that her quinceañera brings with it a super cool party . . . and superpowers. Her quince powers only last as long as she’s fifteen, so over the course of this rollercoaster year, we follow the adventures of Lupe as she figures out what it really means to be a hero. 

 Emphasizing diversity, family, and female empowerment, each issue of Quince is being released digitally on ComiXology on the 15th of every month in English and Spanish. The final three issues of the series will be released on October 15, November 15, and December 15, respectively. With the collected trade paperback being released on October 23, readers will have a chance to enjoy the finale of Lupe’s journey early! 

Hi De Ho Comics and the Comadres y Comics podcast encourage attendees to dress in their BEST QUINCE ATTIRE! 

Hi De Ho Comics
1431 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

We look forward to seeing you at Hi De Ho Comics on November 4!  Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook, Twitter, and the Fanbase Press website!

About Hi De Ho Comics
Since 1977, Hi De Ho Comics has been Los Angeles County’s oldest and biggest comic book store.  Learn more at

About Comadres y Comics
Comadres y Comics is a podcast hosted by three Latina women hoping to highlight the role that Latinos have in the comic book industry, not only as creators, but as consumers and fans. 

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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