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Player:Piano and Crystal Dynamics Reveal ‘Tomb Raider’ Music Video at NYCC 2016

After several stellar music videos from composer/pianist Sonya Belousova and director/producer Tom Grey, the award-winning musical duo (otherwise known as Player:Piano) announced at New York Comic Con today that they have teamed up with Crystal Dynamics for an epic, new Tomb Raider-inspired music video.  The release is in celebration and honor of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the 20-Year Celebration Anniversary of the iconic Tomb Raider franchise. Be sure to check out the new music video below, and find out more information on Player:Piano by subscribing to the group’s YouTube channel.


The Tomb Raider music video opens with Belousova’s haunting solo piano arrangement and performance of the Original Tomb Raider Theme visually enhanced by the majestic view of the desert. The music then transitions into a romantic emotional arrangement of the Angel of Darkness Main Theme accompanied by the dark, lush symphony orchestra, with Belousova gracefully performing it in a heavy rain in a dark forest.  Suddenly, epic percussion and drums take over and immediately bring us into the world of the Tomb Raider Legend Main Theme, featuring the full symphony orchestra with a large percussion section and Belousova’s signature virtuosic solo piano.  The arrangement climaxes with Belousova’s powerful symphonic interpretation of A Survivor Is Born Theme from Tomb Raider Reboot celebrating the music in its full glory.   

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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