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Fanboy Comics’ Justice League: Doom Premiere Coverage

Justice League DoomDear Fanboy Comics Readers:


The Fanboy Comics Staff was very excited to attend the premiere of DC’s latest animated feature, Justice League: Doom!


Throughout this week, we will be providing you with the coolest interviews with the film’s stars and creators.
Stay tuned to the Fanboy Comics website for the latest interviews, all of which will be compiled below.



Justice League: Doom: Exclusive Coverage

Justice League: Doom Premiere: Tim Daly (Superman)

Justice League: Doom Premiere: Andrea Romano Interview

Justice League: Doom Premiere: Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman) Interview

Justice League: Doom Premiere: Olivia D’Abo (Star Sapphire) Interview

Fanboy Comics at the Justice League: Doom Premiere (photo gallery)

Justice League: Doom Premeire: Lauren Montgomery Interview

Justice League: Doom Premiere: Phil Morris (Vandal Savage) Interview


More interviews will be posted throughout the week.  Stay tuned!






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