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‘Penguins vs. Possums #7’ Is Now Available on ComiXology

Fanbase Press is excited to announce that Penguins vs. Possums #7 is now available for sale through ComiXology!

Penguins vs. Possums tells the tale of a secret war between two species, penguins and possums, each determined to annihilate the other. Throughout the millennia, they have kept their battle confined to the shadows; however, one brazen act has escalated this conflict to a fever pitch. As the world careens toward Armageddon, every human on the planet will soon be forced to CHOOSE A SIDE!

Issue #7 of the epically entertaining action/comedy series from creators Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring sees the war between Penguins and Possums escalating to a fever pitch. The pieces of the final battle are in place, and all of humanity will be caught in the crossfire!

Printed copies of Penguins vs. Possums #7 are also available for sale in the Fanbase Press Online Store. 

Readers new to the series may also purchase a copy of Penguins vs. Possums: Volume One, which collects Issues #1-4, through ComiXology or in print, as well as Issue #5 and #6 (also available in print and through ComiXology).

Be sure to pick up your copy of Penguins vs. Possums #7 on ComiXology today to discover what Adam Glass (Supernatural, DC Comics’ Suicide Squad) calls, “Simple, yet smart, and obviously written by a couple of guys who love and understand comics.”

For more information on Penguins vs. Possums, please visit or Penguins vs. Possums may also be found on Facebook, Twitter (@pvpcomic), Goodreads, and Instagram.


Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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