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DangerKatt to Augment Reality at WonderCon 2016

2016 has been a tremendous year for comic book publisher DangerKatt.  With the release of the new digital one-shot Bloodworth, a currently running Kickstarter campaign for Bloodworth #1, and an official Bloodworth anthem created by rock singer Alexx Calise, it’s no surprise that the publisher is again wowing fans with the announcement of their partnership with Blippar, the leading augmented reality and visual discovery app.

Set to debut at WonderCon 2016, DangerKatt will be utilizing Blippbuilder, Blippar’s self publishing tool, to showcase new Augmented Reality content for the print edition of the Bloodworth comic. Fans can download the free Blippar app* to scan (“blipp”) the Bloodworth cover image to unlock exclusive 3D digital content, including links to more DangerKatt comics, a French translation of Bloodworth, a video music trailer, and a “selKie” function that allows fans to take a picture with Agent Bloodworth herself.

DangerKatt will be exhibiting at WonderCon from March 25-27, 2016, and will be demonstrating the Bloodworth AR for attendees. You can find DangerKatt in Small Press SP-016 throughout the weekend.


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