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DangerKatt Kickstarts a New Future with ‘Bloodworth’

Last year, Fanboy Comics excitedly shared that fellow publisher DangerKatt would be releasing the new digital one-shot comic book, Bloodworth #0, written by Daniel Corey (Moriarty, Red City, DangerKatt’s Prophet) and illustrated by Chris Fenoglio (Red City, Orphan Black, Weird Kids).  Released on ComiXology to rave reviews, Bloodworth is a thriller about an FBI squad in the near future that can probe people’s memories to solve crimes. Now, the creators are turning to Kickstarter to fund the first full issue of the series, and they need your help to make the printed comic a reality!

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign, be sure to read the full press release below and visit

BLOODWORTH Kickstarts a New Future


DangerKatt Creative Studio is happy to announce that BLOODWORTH Issue #1 is now live on Kickstarter!


DangerKatt originally launched the BLOODWORTH title in September 2015 as a #0 issue preview on ComiXology.  The futuristic cyber-thriller will be campaigning to fund its first full issue through March 31st.


In the near future, people can upload their memories as a form of social networking, called “Thoughtshare.”  Special Agent Brenda Bloodworth leads an FBI task force that can enter people’s most guarded memories to solve crimes.


The campaign will be offering a variety of rewards, one of which is a variant cover by Eisner Award-nominated artist Darick Robertson.  “I can’t tell you how excited I am that Darick is onboard,” writer Daniel Corey said.  “The team and I are very excited to give you more of Agent Bloodworth’s exploits.  We’re going to fund the first issue in March, and then finish the story arc by funding issues 2-4 throughout 2016.”   



Praise for BLOODWORTH: 


“Daniel Corey’s incredible knack for world-building is on full display in BLOODWORTH.  The sights, sounds, and characters are vibrant and intricate, and the story is brimming with possibilities!” – Barbra Dillon, Managing Editor, Fanboy Comics


“It’s good fun, and thought-provoking for those who enjoy some modern tech-dystopian drama.” – Stranger Worlds


“The premise of the book should immediately evoke TOTAL RECALL, but in reverse. Instead of fake memories being created for one person’s entertainment, genuine memories are being broadcasted for everybody’s entertainment…[Philip K.] Dick came back over and over again to human memory, its reliability, and how our memories make us human.   This comic is doing that, too.” – Flickering Myth 

BLOODWORTH Issue #1 will be a 32-page comic, funding at from March 1st to 31st, 2016.   The script is by Daniel Corey, art by Chris Fenoglio, letters by Dave Lanphear.  The campaign will offer a variant cover by Darick Robertson.


DangerKatt Creative Studio is a Los Angeles-based media company that specializes in the creation of comic book and film properties.  DangerKatt originally formed around the production of its first graphic novel, DANGERKATT’S PROPHET, and would soon close a movie deal for PROPHET with Outlier, a Hollywood-based production company responsible for the “Twilight” and “Percy Jackson” film franchises.  DangerKatt would go on to work with independent publishing powerhouse Image Comics by releasing the hit titles MORIARTY and RED CITY.


DangerKatt’s work has been featured in USA TodayThe WrapG4 TV,, and Intellect Books, among other media outlets.  MORIARTY is available in three volumes, and RED CITY has released its first collected edition.

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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