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Happy Birthday, Buffy Summers!

buffy-birthdayJanuary 19

The Staff of Fanboy Comics would like to wish our favorite blonde vampire slayer, Buffy Summers, a Happy Birthday!  Even though her birthdays tend to end in disaster (boyfriend loses his soul, loss of super powers, etc.), we thought it was only appropriate to be there for the Chosen One on her special day and to help her blow out the candles… or decapitate demons – whatever it takes!  Happy Birthday, Ms. Summers, and thanks for saving the world! A lot!
Are you a fan of the Buffster? Do you consider yourself a rouge demon hunter? Well, make sure to check out FBC’s Buffy-inspired podcast, The Scoobies and the Newbie, as well as FBC President Bryant Dillon’s regular Buffy comic reviews available at Whedonopolis!



(Also, Buffy, please report to the FBC President’s office for your annual birthday spanking.)








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