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Fanboy Comics Celebrates Batman Day 2015 with ‘The Arkham Sessions’

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Greetings from Gotham City and Happy Batman Day! It’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite caped crusader and the impact the superhero icon has on Geekdom, pop culture, and his global fan base!

DC Entertainment describes Batman Day as “an annual event honoring one of the most popular and iconic superheroes and celebrating all things Batman from comics to video games and more. Fans everywhere are invited to partake in festivities with thousands of comic book shops, bookstores, schools, libraries, and other retail partners participating in the bat-centric event.”

In addition, DC Entertainment also points out that “Those who visit select comic stores, libraries, and bookstores on ‘Batman Day’ will also have the opportunity for meet-and-greets with premier DC Entertainment talent, including legendary artist and DCE Co-Publisher Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, David Finch, Brian Azzarello, Cameron Stewart, Pat Gleason, Dustin Nguyen, Tim Seeley, Tom King, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Parker, Matthew Manning, and Daniel Wallace.”

There are a number of ways fans can celebrate Batman Day 2015, including a huge sale on digital Batman comics taking place over at ComiXology, but we here at Fanboy Comics wanted to suggest a great way to celebrate the day of the Dark Knight:

Breaking Down Batman: The Animated Series by The Arkham Sessions podcast!

Currently part of the Fanboy Comics podcast network, The Arkham Sessions is one of the coolest and most thought-provoking podcasts around!

Since early 2014, Dr. Andrea Letamendi and Brian Ward have revisited Batman: The Animated Series through the analytical eyes of a clinical psychologist. Heralded as one of the greatest storytelling vehicles of all time, the television show’s tone, subject matter, and depth in storytelling and character development are exemplary and undergo the psychological analysis it deserves in The Arkham Sessions. Each week, the co-hosts watch the series, in production order, with a keen eye toward revealing the very real psychology behind its characters and then put Batman and his “Rogues Gallery” on the couch for a fun, insightful weekly session.

Episode #68, covering the BTAS episode “Trial” was just posted this week, but you can find more episodes of The Arkham Sessions at the Fanboy Comics website, at, and on iTunes!

For more information on The Arkham Sessions, you can also follow the podcast on Facebook and Twitter, @ArkhamSessions.

Bryant Dillon, Fanbase Press President


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