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Check out an Advance Preview of ‘Trans* Planetarium’

The indie comic book scene continues to develop, expand, and produce incredibly insightful and impactful work with each passing day, and I am excited to share a preview with Fanboy Comics’ readers of the soon-to-be released comic, Trans* Planetarium, which that tackles transgender issues, depression, and the impact had on the people around the transgender community.  The comic’s creative team [Flip Knox (Story/Letters/Layouts/Logo), John Amberia (Pencils/Colors), Shallamar Muggott (Cover/Inks/Roughs), and Kristine Chester (Editor)] will be launching a Kickstarter campaign later this year to fund the printing of the book.  In the interim, they have been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff by providing us with an advance preview of Trans* Planetarium!

Synopsis: A divine power saves a transgender woman on the verge of death from her suicide attempt and helps guide her on a journey of self-acceptance that challenges her to face her inner demons.

*Please note that there are some adult themes of suicide and depression in the preview below that may not be suitable for younger readers. 

We hope that you will enjoy the below preview, and please be sure to stay tuned to Fanboy Comics, as we will bring you the latest information on Trans* Planetarium’s Kickstarter campaign!  For more information, be sure to visit Trans* Planetarium on Facebook and Twitter.

Trans Planetarium Cover ae3
Trans Planetarium Pg. 1 b86
Trans Planetarium Pg. 2 ffc
Trans Planetarium Pg. 3 c2a
Trans Planetarium Pg. 4 708
Trans Planetarium Pg. 5 4de
Trans Planetarium Pg. 6 0a4
Trans Planetarium Pg. 7 372
Trans Planetarium Pg. 8 b57
Trans Planetarium Character Concepts ce2

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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