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DangerKatt to Release Sci-Fi Crime Thriller Comic with ‘Bloodworth’

Over the past few years, comic book creator and writer Daniel Corey has released several fantastic series, including Moriarty (with Sherlock Holmes’ long-time villain as the protagonist) and Red City (a sci-fi action adventure tale), both of which were released through Image Comics.  Now, Corey has returned in full force with Bloodworth, a new digital one-shot published through his own publishing company, DangerKatt.  Set to release through ComiXology on Wednesday, September 16th, Bloodworth is a thriller about an FBI squad in the near future that can probe people’s memories to solve crimes.  The comic was written and created by Corey and illustrated by Chris Fenoglio (Red City, Orphan Black, Weird Kids).

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DangerKatt announces a new Future Crime comic from the creator of MORIARTY and RED CITY

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It is the near future, and people can upload their memories as a form of social networking. When thought is commodity and secrets are deadly, it is up to FBI Special Agent Brenda Bloodworth to enter criminals’ most private memories to solve the most difficult cases.

This September, DangerKatt Creative Studio is proud to announce the digital release of a new comic that takes a look at a terrifyingly possible future.

BLOODWORTH is a sci-fi thriller that turns a lens on the dangers of an information-starved society, and signals the start of DangerKatt’s world of #FutureCrime. BLOODWORTH was written and created by Daniel Corey (MORIARTY, RED CITY, DANGERKATT’S PROPHET), with art by Chris Fenoglio (RED CITY, ORPHAN BLACK, WEIRD KIDS). Both creators had a specific vision for the world that Bloodworth inhabits.

“I’ve always been fascinated by mysteries, capers, fantastic plans, and how I can twist and reinvent those genres,” writer Corey said. “In the future, law enforcement will have to step up their methods to keep up with an emerging class of tech crime. But in doing so, plenty of ethical boundaries are going to be crossed. Mind-reading and thought control may be just around the corner.”

After a run on Image Comics’ RED CITY together, Corey is happy to be working again with co-conspirator Fenoglio: “Chris is an amazing artist, and we’re very happy that comiXology is being so good to us. Huge thanks to Chris Murphy and the rest of the comiXology crew. To our readers, we just want to say, give BLOODWORTH a chance, so we can bring you more. BLOODWORTH is the introduction to DangerKatt’s #FutureCrime world, and we hope to bring you more sci-fi noir in the future.”

BLOODWORTH is a 17-page, one-shot digital comic that will be available as a 99-cent download via comiXology this September 16th.

BLOODWORTH by Daniel Corey and Chris Fenoglio

• 17 pages, digital, full color
• $.99
• Rated Teen
• On comiXology Wednesday, September 16th

DangerKatt Creative Studio is a Los Angeles-based media company that specializes in the creation of comic book and film properties. DangerKatt originally formed around the production of its first graphic novel, DANGERKATT’S PROPHET, and would soon close a movie deal for PROPHET with Outlier, a Hollywood-based production company responsible for the “Twilight” and “Percy Jackson” film franchises. DangerKatt would go on to work with independent publishing powerhouse Image Comics by releasing the hit titles MORIARTY and RED CITY.

DangerKatt’s work has been featured in USA Today, The Wrap, G4 TV,, and Intellect Books, among other media outlets. MORIARTY is available in three volumes, and RED CITY has released its first collected edition. The new story MORIARTY: ENDGAME was recently featured on Flickering Myth, and has seen a wide digital release through Image Comics on comiXology and the iBookstore.

You can find DangerKatt online at, and on Twitter at @dangerkatt.

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