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‘Solidarity in 2024:’ An Open Letter from Fanbase Press as We Navigate This Year

To Our Colleagues, Friends, and Community Members,

As we make our way through 2024, one thing is clear: We find ourselves in very uncertain times.

Within our immediate circles, from comics, to video games, to film and TV, to animation, the entertainment industry is experiencing a period of great change. It’s still unknown what the industry will look like, let alone how we will fit within in. Additionally, national and international events weigh heavily on us and our friends and families.

In the face of these challenges, we at Fanbase Press want to extend a gentle reminder that we are here as a safe, open, and welcoming community. You are not alone. We firmly believe that community and solidarity are what is required to see us through challenging times, to protect us, and to help us create the types of industry, country, and world we know are possible.

Currently, our weekly “Comics and Coffee” virtual networking sessions exist as a place where creators of all kinds are welcome to share their positive news, challenges, and questions. We have ongoing dialogue about important current events and issues on our podcast network and social media channels. And, as always, we lend our promotional support to creators of all media.

As we navigate the road ahead, Fanbase Press hopes to offer even more resources to our community:

  • Virtual panels that provide greater accessibility to the conversations being had by industry leaders;
  • Coverage of the potential IATSE strike and why their struggle is important to all of us;
  • Daily review and interview opportunities for creators to expose their work to a larger audience;
  • Affordable advertising for creators through our flagship podcast, The Fanbase Weekly;
  • and much more

While we may be a small operation, we are not alone in wanting to create a safe and dependable space. There are countless other amazing publishers, media outlets, creators, journalists, librarians, educators, retailers, and readers who want the best not only for the comic book industry, not only for those in the entertainment industry, but for all of us.

We invite you to demonstrate your support for our communities by using the hashtag #SolidarityIn2024, sharing any encouraging advice and/or resources that you may have in this challenging time.

As we continue on this path together, we hope that you’ll remember in the most challenging moments that there is power in solidarity.

Warmest regards,
Barbra and Bryant Dillon
co-founders, Fanbase Press

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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